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Too many days without jiu-jitsu

on February 3, 2012

Wednesday morning was the last time I trained. That seems so long ago. (Then again, Thursday was just about the longest and most awful day I’ve had in my life, so that made it all worse. And Thursday kicked off with me missing an early appointment & having to reschedule for today, which killed morning class for me.) And I’ll probably have even more next week, as I have a business trip that starts Monday afternoon. Ugh.

Fundamentals Class, nogi

Warmup, and again Andrew didn’t like us. Burpee/squat jump — who does that?!

Drilling was basic triangle from guard. Drilled with Janet, which we both acknowledged as completely weird since we weigh exactly the same (128), though she’s about 2 inches taller. We both kept exclaiming over how tiny the other’s shoulders are and had to ask Justin for some advice about tightening up the space.

Open Mat

Rolled with Janet in two sets. Again, we were both having fun at the fact that we are the same size. Things work! The weight is perfect! Holy cow! To all you guys who complain about having to train with guys who outweigh you by 10 lbs, you have it all wrong — it is pure bliss to have a similarly-sized training partner.

The Salem school is celebrating its 1-year anniversary tomorrow, so we’re all heading down there in the morning for Open Mat. Should be some good times.


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