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What I’ve Been Reading, January 2012

on February 1, 2012

January was a pretty abysmal reading month for me in terms of books that I would actually admit that I’ve read. However, I did decide to give myself this last fling with available crap, and then I’d get on to the business of reading real stuff.

  • The Flinch, Julien Smith. Interesting little essay (properly a “manifesto”, I think. Anyway.) I heard about on the Paleo Podcast, maybe. Basic premise is that we too often do what’s easy or comfortable rather than what we fear will embarrass us, so he challenges the readers to go do simple tasks — take a cold shower, talk to the next stranger, etc. Things that don’t kill you, even though you somehow think they will. Interestingly enough to me, I read this right after I had done several things that normally make me flinch (so I felt justified in not jumping a cold shower right then. I have done it since. Not pleasant, but I’m not dead).

One response to “What I’ve Been Reading, January 2012

  1. Tree Frog says:

    Read the Malazan series! Start with Deadhouse Gates (the second book) and see if it’s your thing. If so, then loop back to the first and move on to the third.

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