First Tuesday

This was my first Tuesday back since the last time I came on Tuesday (which was the first one back in the new year). Ya’ll get that in a minute…


Rolling to warmup. Ed and Adam. Then drilling reviewed the sweep from last night, with two other options for getting under their knee.

Aubrey and I have swapped books — I let her borrow Jiu-jitsu University and she let me borrow Dave Camarillo’s new book, Submit Everyone. (I have a “Hyperbole and a Half” moment every time I say the name: “Submit All The Things!“) Review coming later; initial thoughts are that’s it’s fairly advanced stuff, but well-laid out and articulated (though the military jargon gets a little annoying after only a short while).

Anyway, right before class I was reading the chapter on armbars and SITREP 4.9, Passing: Armbar off Guard Defense, caught my eye. It’s a little tricksy move that involves pinning down one side of their open guard with your knees, your back hand reaching under their pinned leg to grab their belt, while holding their sleeve on the pinned side with your free hand. Stand up while pulling both belt and arm, and they unfurl and are wide open for passing. Pull their arm up and step straight in to take the armbar. Since I seem to be at the initial point fairly regularly, I figured I’d give it a try. Drilled it a couple times on the living room floor, and then looked for it often tonight. Caught it on Ed twice (though was too pleased with the first part that I entirely forgot to move on to the armbar, doh). And he reciprocated with a smooth kneebar entry.

Open Mat

Rolled with Buddy and Eamon, who had inexplicably thought tonight was nogi night and had come without his gi (though he was only too willing to use mine).

Rolling notes: did better overall with pressure down. * That pass worked twice; nice. Now remember the armbar. Doh. (Also, could not get the setup on the larger boys.) * Elbows in tight! Everyone was after them tonight. * Telling Buddy how to defeat my back defense was a very good idea — he’s really making me work for that defense and those escapes now. * Try not to grunt at the same time you’re almost tapping, even if they’re also crushing your ribs hard; guys tend to be nice and let go anyway. (At least I’m remembering to tell them that they did have it and to apologize for the “can’t breathe!” grunt.) * My cuticles are shredded. Huh.

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