A new Blue and a new Blog

My teammate — and now fellow blogger — Tyler got his blue belt tonight. Congrats!

Fundamentals Class, gi

Lots of folks on the mat tonight. A barn-burner of a class, too. (Also, I think the new auxiliary heater to blame: I think it’s pulling all the moisture out of the air, so the air is dry and hot. My hair is frizzy during shrimps. Hard to breathe, too.)

Warmup, including down-the-mat drills. Then started rolling. With Andrew, Eamon, Buddy. Towards the end of the round, I was stuck under Buddy’s mount, but was too busy watching Justin circling Tyler & Jon and glancing up at Tim for the signal to really do much.

The belt they had is too small, so after Justin tied it on, there were only little nubs sticking out, lol. 😛

More rolling. Ed, Tyler, Rob(?), Justin, Tim. That finished out the Fundamentals Class.

While rolling with Justin, Ray and Tim were next to us and rolled in to us at some point. Tim grabbed Justin’s belt, Ray turned and pounced on him; Justin still had my arm trapped. There was a brief scuffle of Justin defending against multiple attackers. (Oddly enough, it did not look like dancing.)

Rolling notes: I was moving, but not doing much; no pressure down. So I was diving in to things that they had waiting because I was doing nothing to distract them first. Realized later, too, that I wasn’t getting my breath well; I still think it’s the new heater. * Made a Tactical Error against Buddy when he had my back (ever since someone [that is, me] told him what I was doing to defend his attacks, he’s been working on ways to defeat it), which he gleefully seized and finished. Made the same mistake against Tim later, but immediately recognized it got my hands back in position.


Drilling: a sweep from half guard. (The opposite of how we normally do Mondays; usually it’s drilling first in the Fundamentals Class and then massive rolling later.) Worked with Ed. Drilling for the rest of class.


2 thoughts on “A new Blue and a new Blog

  1. Thanks for the congratulations and the link! Is it alright if I stick a link to your blog in my sidebar? Anyway, I had no idea that was coming. Jon was coming at me so hard I didn’t even see Justin. Ha ha ha.

    Anyway, I really liked the half guard sweep we went over last night and am going to start implementing it. I always try for the Old School first, but people always know it’s coming, so the one from last night is a good option.

    • Link away!

      Yeah, generally the roll in which someone gets promoted is a roll in which they feel they’re getting destroyed (and if you’d had a hope of being promoted soon, that hope had fled while laughing uproariously at you). When I got promoted, I was certain at first that he was promoting the other guy (to purple), so utterly was I being demolished.

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