Monday, you’re too early; come back later

I got in to town last night, stopped off at the grocery store (and unfortunately was hungry! by then and bought more than I’d meant to), and then had to do lots of housekeepingy things when I got home. Collapsed in bed by 10:30.

And yet I somehow woke up right before my alarm this morning and couldn’t fall back asleep. Rats. So dragged out the door to morning class.

The secondary heater was not working this morning. Apparently it has to be drained of water, and no one has done that. So Andrew first set about seeing if he could take care of that while the rest of us warmed up on the cold, cold mats. Ugga, so slow.

A roll to continue warming up. I started with Andrew, then moved over to Aubrey when she got there. Drilling was pendulum sweep. (My hips are apparently still shooting out too far to the far side. Tsk.) Then one more short roll, with Aubrey, to finish.

Cold, rainy, foggy day. Meh.


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