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The last Wednesday

on January 19, 2012

[My small contribution to the SOPA/PIPA blackout: this post was written on Wednesday, but won’t go up until Thursday morning. Just say “No!” to internet censorship. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog…]

Mornings. Suck. Doesn’t seem to matter how early I get to bed; getting up in the morning is hard. I crashed out again this morning and got the stink-eye from Andrew in class tonight. Sorry, yes, I’m pathetic, I know.

Will have to try harder starting next week, though, since Wednesdays will become MMA night then. And since I still really do like having Tuesdays & Thursdays to myself — I can do stuff! — then I’m going to continue taking those nights off. That means I’ll only be training two nights a week now, Mondays and Fridays, so I’ll have to get in in the mornings in order to make up that training. Ugh. Mornings…

On the other hand, even though I’m mostly asleep in the mornings, I do seem to retain the things we drill and the things Andrew reviews rather well. A lot of what I did at the last tournament came from morning classes. So my subconscious, at least, is learning.

Couple of new guys tonight, but classes still bled together. Warmup — though I gotta say, stuff like alligators really doesn’t warm me up; there’s still too much static holding or something going on, and I’m not loose afterwards. Anywho…

Drilling: single-leg takedown. Then eventually added passing to side control, and then later going straight to the bow-and-arrow choke. Started out with Buddy & Brandon, then later moved over with Ratcliffe (always fun, as he’s one the of the taller guys), and eventually to Guillaume.

Drilled for a long while, then one more roll with Guillaume.

My left hand hasn’t been hurting so much the last two days, but it sure didn’t appreciate the bow-and-arrow choke grip, nor was it happy about gripping in rolling later. Random knot has appeared under one shoulder blade. C’mon, body, stop with the breaking down already!


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