Hand spasms? Really?

My joints are not much better than they were on Saturday. Actually, I take that back — they’ll be fine while I’m going around doing regular things, but as soon as I either get in bed or get on the mat, they all get to aching something fierce. Really, dudes, not cool…

Class this morning was cold, too, which did not help any. The mats were freezing against my toes. Aubrey was back from winter break, so there were 4 of us braving the iciness this morning. Slightly longer warmup, with some on-the-wall stuff. Then a 5-min or so roll to warm up, with Aubrey.

Drilling was a sequence of mount escape to full guard to bump sweep, which handily lands you in mount so your partner can now drill. Spent a good chunk of time drilling, the other guy & I going while Andrew worked with Aubrey.

Then 3 3-min rolls to finish up.

I have the day off from work today. There’s a huge list of things I need to get done, but really all I want is a nap…


One thought on “Hand spasms? Really?

  1. *le sigh* Sorry, I seem to have this bad habit recently of writing a title and then forgetting to explain what it means. I think I’m too easily distracted.

    Anyway, when I got home and was going about normal things like making the bed and making breakfast, my wrist — which was aching over the weekend — and the back of my hand suddenly spasmed. Hard. I have never had that happen before. Grabbed an ice pack and plopped it on. But holy freakazoid that hurt!

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