Pre-choke Choke

No morning class for me. There’s been a storm blowing in since yesterday. The wind is really strong up where my house is, and my bedroom windows face the direction it was coming from. All last night, the wind was making so much noise against the windows and woke me up many, many times. So this morning when my alarm went off, I reset it and crawled back under the (warm, warm) covers.

Snow flurries all day, though they didn’t have the decency to start sticking to anything. Cold, cold, gray day. Extra coffee. Didn’t help much.

Fundamentals (nogi) and Open Mat

Cold academy, too; warmed up in my sweatshirt for a while. Too many rolls in there — forward, backwards, Granby — and my head was a little spinny for the rest of the night. Is no fun.

Drilling: reviewed bump sweep first. Then bump sweep to guillotine to crucifix sweep to guillotine. Then bump sweep to guillotine to crucifix sweep to RNC. Slick stuff.

Rolling. 3-min rounds, 1-min rest. Guillaume, Justin, Tyler, Trey, Andrew, Guillaume, Justin, Tyler. Wipe out…

Notes from rolling: Playing guard/bottom against people with really long legs is a bad idea; go for the top. While it’s fun to be squirmy and get your legs in between, you’re still stuck on the bottom. Would be smarter to get on top. * On the other hand, when deciding to play guard against spazzy guys, stay patient. Yes, the round is boring. Yes, they’re still trying to jab elbows and fists and cause pain. But at least they’re not bashing on your face.


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