Wednesday morning, January 11, 2012

Got to bed early enough (on the later side of early, but not as late as usual) and slept solid, even waking up right as my bedside clock showed “6:00.” The alarm, on the other side of the room, sounded within the minute. Too many clocks — none of them show the same time.

And yet so tired and not awake. Pooh.

3 of us. Short warmup, but not warm. Rolling to warmup. Two rounds of round-robin, one set for 3 min, one set for 4 min. Drilling: baseball choke. Then one more 2-min round.

Note to self: when rolling with flailing spazzes, guard works well for keeping their limbs away from your face. Yeah…

Still not awake.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday morning, January 11, 2012

  1. Spazzing is extremely annoying. One of my pet peeves that I find annoying is when Tim or JC has everyone roll light and easy to warm up (and they specifically emphasize light and easy) and then my training partner goes 110% like it’s the Mundials.

    • That happens to me soooooo many times. They say, “Good jiu-jitsu, guys. Nice and easy. Warming up. Good technique.” Partner: BOOM! headshot!

      Me: “Oh, this is going to be just lovely…”

  2. That must be cousin to my teacher having us do shrimps and saying, “Go slow, guys,” and everyone starts humping across the room like they’re being chased by rabid pit bulls.

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