Pass the caffeine IV

Ugh, it was one of those days when I could hardly function. Probably mostly due to the cold, gloomy weather, but still. Goodness.

My left ankle, for no good reason, decided last week that it wanted to start hurting. I noticed as the sheets fell across it while getting in to bed one night. Wait, you don’t hurt during training or for hours afterwards, and you suddenly decide to hurt when touched by a sheet? Goofy thing… My right knee is also suddenly aching. So I’m pretty much limping on both legs right now. 😦

Fundamentals, BJJ, and BJJ

Classes bled in to each other again.

Warmup: pretty much a repeat of this morning’s (though now with extra pushups and burpees). Drilling: Bump sweep. Then added the kimura, guillotine, and triangle off it. Drilled with Buddy and later with Ed, too. Then a quick partner drill where the guy on the bottom goes for the bump sweep, and the partner has to decide which variant to feed them (full sweep, kimura, guillotine, or triangle). Then rounds of rolling started. With Ed, Buddy, Brandon, Ratcliffe, and Trey. Then 20 burpees to make sure we were really dead.

It started sleeting just a little while ago. Do not like. 😦

2 thoughts on “Pass the caffeine IV

  1. Yeah, class tonight was a killer. My favorite variation off of the hip bump sweep was the guillotine. In my eyes, it’s something you can always get no matter what they’re doing with their arms. Although the triangle was pretty slick and people usually post out when stopping my sweep, so it’s a good option.

    1. I don’t know what it was about that whole class combination, but I was exhausted by the 4th roll. 5th was torture — and then burpees!

      Options are good things. Especially when you can run through them one after the other until your partner makes a tactical error and gives you the opening you need.

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