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Glass Ribs

on January 9, 2012

Interesting lunch conversations today at work. Found out that something that’s been bugging me the last few months — and that I mostly thought was my imagination blowing things out of proportion — turns out to be entirely, actually, and completely correct and accurate.

Fundamentals Class, BJJ, and BJJ

Rolling to warm up. With Ratcliffe, Rob, and Ratcliffe again. Then partnered up to do any guard break & pass; with Ratcliffe, which of course made it interesting because he’s so tall. Switched over to Buddy. Next up was specific sparring. First was pass vs. sweep/submit. Pushups for every time you were passed or swept/submitted. I owed lots of pushups…. Then mount escape vs. holding mount. Everyone, 20 burpees. Then switched partners, to Brandon. Back escape vs. holding back escape. If we had owed pushups for anything, I would again have had a lot.

Somewhere in there, we just bled right in to the next class. After all that, Justin announced the rest of class as Open Mat. Only Buddy and I were up for rolling, it seemed, so went for 10 minutes or so.

My poor little ribs were getting crushed again. Unfortunately, too, every time someone pressures on them, I make pained sound effects. I’m trying not to because I know the guys feel badly when they hear it, but the pressure just pushes it right out. Obviously the best plan is to not let them get there at all, but the pressure can occur any time I’m on the bottom. Suuuucks.

Notes from rolling: Don’t let guys get to your back. Seriously. It’s just way too hard to get away once they get there, and they can just get a grip and haul you right back. So just don’t let them get there. * Keep guys off of your ribs. It’s for the best, trust me.


2 responses to “Glass Ribs

  1. Reese says:

    Oh man, I had this exact problem today. We did knee-on-belly transitions and all sorts of acrobatics. But the hardest part was near the end where the last move was sitting on the stomach/chest, full weight, going to kneebars and later chokes and armbars with legs and whatnot, and I was only able to do it twice with my partner, who was much bigger. If we were rolling it may not have been so bad but just lying there while he practiced the move slowly with all that weight, I felt like something actually was going to crack and kept unintentionally making pained sounds, even though I was trying not to. Definite ouch.

    • leslie says:

      Sometimes they slow down because they think it eases the pressure when they go slowly. I try pointing out that that actually increases the pressure, but they don’t always seem to get it…

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