Ugga, breathing!

Starting next Wednesday night, gi class will give way to an MMA Fundamentals class. I has a sad, because I’m not interested in doing it at all. But I don’t want to give up my new-found Tuesday and Thursday nights. I’ve been thinking of getting back in the gym to lift, so maybe I’ll take Wed nights for that; then I wouldn’t have lifting too close to any BJJ training. Then train BJJ Mon morning/evening, Wed morning, Friday morning/evening, and Saturday morning. That’s still 4 days/7 sessions per week. Think it’s enough? 😉

Fundamentals Class

Warmup. Bleh, cardio still sucks. Then drilled the guard break & pass from last night. Drilled with Rob and Andrew. Drilled the counter to that break next.


No one else showed up, and we had an odd number, so Tim paired us up and rotated us through. With Brandon, (out), Andrew, (out), and Brandon again.

Interesting discussion on Sherdog about strength in women’s grappling (thanks to Chris for the heads-up). Hillary Williams has been active in the thread, particularly here, here, and here. I think what she’s saying is everything I’ve tried to articulate in my Women, Women: Training, and Women: Resources pages, though she is seeing it all from the perspective of having been through the whole gauntlet once. (Also, totally itching to read her thesis now, too!)

It’s amusing to me that everyone who thinks they’re arguing against her actually seems to be arguing with the wrong things (often against something that they incorrectly implied or extrapolated from her original statements) and instead providing further evidence for her original point, which is that men & women are not the same.


4 thoughts on “Ugga, breathing!

  1. So I’ve apparently been out of the blogging thing for too long — and was distracted last night because my brother wanted to talk while I was writing — and didn’t get everything out.

    For one, I rolled once more with Andrew after everyone else quit. Tim had let us stop a little early, so Andrew waved me over. I probably forgot because it was all a blur of getting smashed into mat pizza by both guys. Twice. Each. Hrm.

    …I have this idea that I had something else, but I’ve forgotten now. … Oh well…

  2. Aha! I remembered: in addition to forgetting 90% of my BJJ while I was on vacation and losing all my cardio, I’ve also apparently forgotten how to do laundry! I only had to wash clothes twice during the whole break, and one of those was after the last BJJ class when the break started.

    So the last two nights I’ve thrown my gi in the dryer even though all of my gis have to be line-dried. I fished it out the first night and hung up it, all the while berating myself and reminding myself that gis are not dried. And then I did the exact same thing last night!! (Thankfully, the rest of the week is nogi 😉 )

  3. Oh god, another one of those “grappling girl issue” threads? It doesn’t seem as offensive as they usually are though. I’ve seen a few blog posts or threads that made me want to punch through the screen (ie. “if a girl ever had the audacity to grapple with me, I’d crush and destroy her so she never tried it again”…BS like that, although more applicable to wrestling and submission grappling overall rather than specifically BJJ…mostly high school meathead fathers with sons on coed wrestling teams, it seems). Sad. Hillary’s got some interesting things to say though!

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