Back to action

I’ve been off from work and BJJ for about a week and a half each. Today was the first time back for both. At work, I did at least remember how to make coffee. 😉 Also, apparently there was actually class last night, but they’d talked about starting back again Tuesday — tonight — so I stayed home last night and cooked a whole lot instead. Oh, well; another night won’t hurt me.

So stiff, so unused to moving! Short warmup. Gassed quickly just in jogging. Doh. One warmup roll, with Janet.

Drilling was a standing guard pass, later adding an armbar. Drilled with Janet.

One more roll during Open Mat with Ed. Oh, rats — what is this jiu-jitsu stuff?!

Gassed really badly after; toes cramping, coughing from breathing so hard. Had strained something in my shoulder during drilling (doh, that’s pathetic!); fingers started cramping then, too. Lol, a complete mess. I know it’ll all come back shortly, but remind me not to do absolutely nothing when I’m off next time. Not a good idea.


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