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What I’ve Been Reading, December 2011

on January 1, 2012

Hey, I can read again! I had to ban books in November because of NaNoWriMo — I knew I would procrastinate by reading, so reading had to go.

  • The Gods of Mars and Warlord of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs. Sequels to A Princess of Mars. John Carter finds himself back on Mars several years after the events of the first book. As is typical, he finds himself surrounded by enemies, yet with unexpected allies. Also, some very bad timing — they all just miss each other.
  • A free Kindle book that kept me interested because the main character and his sister were Simon and River Tam (minus the fugitive thing and the freaky brain thing). Just when I’d try to convince myself that of course they weren’t, then they’d do something else that was perfectly in line with one of those two. His dry humor and awkward compliments and ways to kill you based on science; her eavesdropping and genius (though no killing you with her brain). And the love interest girl quite often came across as Kaylee. Story overall wasn’t so bad, either, and was actually set in the American West.
  • Wheat Belly, William Davis, MD. I’ve been reading his blog for a while now (two words: mocha cupcakes) and then saw the book when I took my Christmas gift cards to Barnes & Noble, so picked it up, too. And, wow, I never want to touch a grain again. *shudder* Basically, wheat — especially in the last 50 years — has been developed as a crop, not a food. And so now when we eat it, all sorts of bad things happen to our bodies. Extremes include celiac disease and diabetes, but others include acne, weight gain (the “wheat belly”), and exacerbation of auto-immune diseases. Blech. …. So it’s a good thing I picked up Paleo Comfort Foods and ordered Make It Paleo, two grain-free cookbooks. 😉

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