Saturday, December 17, 2011

I slept in Friday morning because I’d been up late — though this time wasn’t entirely my fault, as the guy who installed my home theater system came to do the sound & picture calibration. Holeeeee Cow! What a difference that makes!

Then Friday afternoon was the company Christmas party, and I was too physically and mentally exhausted to go to class afterwards, so I just skedaddled on home.

But the two days off seems to have done good things for my jiu-jitsu. Felt really good this morning, and did not feel tired.

Didn’t wear the headgear since it’s a nogi morning, so I figured I’d be okay. (Although, there were still a few times when I feared for my ears.)

Got myself as loose as I could, which really wasn’t much, actually. Then rolled with Buddy, Adam, Jaime, and Ez.

I had noticed, in looking back over classes for the last two weeks, that I’ve been falling in to playing around again, that I haven’t had a clear purpose when rolling and have just been going with everything that my partner suggested. That is what I don’t want to do. So I had come in this morning with the express purpose of getting back to rolling the way I have been. I think I did better about it this morning.

Short week of class and of work next week, and then I’ll have a week and half off from everything for the holidays.

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