As part of my home theater setup, I got a PS3 and Final Fantasy XIII. Ooo, pretty… Nightly blog posts will be taking a back seat for a while. 😉

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

Three purples (Big Jon was back! Been out with grad school stuff.), two blues, and one white to start class. But no white belts left last night…

Warmup. Long time jogging. My hamstrings and glutes were feeling particularly well-engaged last night. That’s a good feeling. More warmup stuff, and they even stayed engaged during alligators. So nice… Circled up for more, and still feeling good.

Then partnered up for 5-minute armbar-from-mount blasts. For the first 4 minutes, I just worked on steadily moving and hitting things solidly. And I did, which was lovely. Feeling pretty good. Then the last minute was blasting them out as quickly as possible, and — even though I wanted to die with about 15s left — I still managed to do them fast and largely correctly. Feeling like I can take on the world right now.

Then my partner went. A nice guy, and he told me later he was actually trying to find ways to not hurt me, but that didn’t work out so good. His efforts actually resulted in most of his weight landing heavily on my lower ribs every single time. So every rep hurt a bit, for one, and, for another, was driving some air out of my lungs. But there was no time to stop and try to explain what the problem was, so I just toughed it out.

Only, by the time that was done, all the lovely warmup fuzzies had disappeared. I couldn’t breathe deeply enough for the rest of class, and my ribs couldn’t take much pressure at all.

Rolling next. With Buddy, Ratcliffe, and Tim. My ribs were still used as a trampoline. Not pleasant. Justin and Ed showed up for the last roll.


Drilled the Pedro Sauer Guard Break and pass. (Early Youtube searches seem to indicate that is the actual name. Huh.) Looks mostly like this:

Drilled with Ed and later Buddy, as Tim had us switching around to get a feel for this on different body types.

One more roll, with Ed. I almost completely swept him when he was standing once and was fairly ecstatic about that, as Ed has a wrestling background, which means very good base and very quick recovery when I try to sweep him. (Also, I swear he can hover.)

During the round, I saw Tim hanging around the edge of the mats acting funny and with a bulge under his jacket, so I kept an eye on him. He was fixated on one of the pairs on the far side, and I had a good guess as to what was coming. Sure enough, eventually he stepped in, pulled out a blue belt, and whipped Kaila. Yay!

5 thoughts on “Trampoline

    1. What do they call it (if anything)? I asked, and Tim called it “The Pedro Sauer Pass,” and another guy said he’d learned it by that name, too.

  1. Honestly, I dont even know if we have a name for it. I’m sure we do…probably either Mike’s pass (for our instructor) or the awful spine twisting pass.

  2. Oh, I had one of those trampoline rib days recently. One guy hurt something while spinning around to side control and then after that, it hurt when anyone did it, even my usual training partners who aren’t that rough. Not fun! Hope you feel better :o)

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