Rude awakenings

Aubrey promised to be there this morning, so I roused myself and headed to class.

November Homework

Pre-class food & drink:

  • coffee & heavy cream
  • water

Class notes:

  • Was creaky in both joints and muscles when I got out of bed. Was creaky all during class.
  • No comment on energy levels because I was too focused on all the owies to notice.

BJJ, morning class

Aubrey, a white belt, me, and Andrew. Short warmup. Um, so, my right shoulder immediately started hurting again during jogging… so I had to tuck it in to my belt. Yeaaaaaah. Not cool, dude.

This isn’t the same place or pain or behavior that my shoulders have had previously. This feels different. More of almost a spasm at the point of pain. Previously, my arm would go pins-and-needles numb but I could still move it, even though I couldn’t feel it; it also would radiate up my neck. Now, the pain stays localized, the shoulder locks up, and my whole arm is briefly immobile. Not supposed to do that…

Then a few rolls to warm up. With Aubrey, white belt, and Andrew. I’d’ve rather kept Aubrey away from the white belt because I knew he would do exactly what he did, which was go harder than was even necessary and slam on subs. It was her first time rolling with a spazz, too. Though I was rolling with Andrew, I was watching the other roll and was irritated the whole time. Still am irritated.

Drilling was basic guard break and pass. Drilled with Aubrey.

Then pass vs. sweep/submit specific sparring. With Aubrey. Andrew wanted 10 pushups for each time you were passed, swept, or submitted; as I’d been going easy and reminding Aubrey of things, I’d let her have several, and so would have had quite a few to do, but my shoulder would not cooperate, so did 1 set of 10 from my knees, which was still torture. *le sigh* Dear Body: I would really like to not be broken anymore, m’kay? :/

NaNoWriMo Update

Word Count: 50,776 / 50,000 (51,233 according to the official word-count site)

Finished! Although, the ending was rather abrupt — the characters were still only halfway through escaping through the cave when I realized I was really close to the word count. So things started moving a little faster: they killed the monster, sped to the exit, and came out in a safe place, where they were met by an escort who will take them to the king. Hurrah!

Of course, now that I’m at the end, I realize how many things were all wrong throughout the entire thing. *le sigh* So I may have to designate January — or February, as a friend suggested, with 2 fewer days! — as my NaNo Rewrite Month. (ReNaNo?)

What do I win? This cool little graphic that I post anywhere I want:

And, well, that’s about it. 😛 Well, that, and the satisfaction of knowing that I finished this and still (mostly) trained like normal. I even did a tournament in the middle of it! And still finished. Whew.


2 thoughts on “Rude awakenings

    • Thanks!

      In its current state, no. I have realized that little of what happens in the story is what actually happens in their story. (Also, it’s time-crunched first draft bad.) But I am actually interested in trying to rewrite this one. I think it has some good things going on.

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