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Monday morning after a holiday

on November 28, 2011


Just ugh.

Woke up at 5am. Could not get back to sleep until right before the alarm went off for reals.


But Aubrey said she was coming to class this morning, so I got myself up and got to class. Then, of course, she overslept and missed class. 😛

Still have a bit of a holiday hangover, though. So many days of being out of my routine. I need routines!

I did get my Christmas tree up yesterday. My mom has an artificial tree that she claims she wasn’t going to put up this year (yeah, right. My mom’s just awesome like that.), which she foisted off on me yesterday. Although, I forgot to pick up a package of ornament hooks, so it’s up and has some tinsel, but that’s it. Oh well.

November Homework

Pre-class food & drink:

  • banana
  • coffee & heavy cream

Class Notes:

  • Why is it morning already? And why is it Monday on top of that? Ugh.
  • Joints were unhappy about halfway through class. I don’t think I was tired, just rather unenthusiastic about being awake and moving.

BJJ, morning class

Me, Andrew, and one other guy. Really short warmup (my knee was unhappy just jogging, and I’d forgotten my brace. Knee has been unhappy for the last two weeks, even when I’m just sitting.). Then round-robin rolling. Other guy had been out for a week on break and so was going full-speed crazy, which means that I was playing slowly and fairly defensively to avoid injury. Two rounds through, then that guy and Andrew had a longer roll.

My shoulder (the more recently well-behaved one) was unhappy by then, in addition to my knee, so I asked if we could drill something instead of continuing to roll. I asked for scissor sweep to pendulum.

Andrew first explained that he doesn’t often like to throw sweeps in chains with each because it becomes too obvious and they can defend more easily since it becomes only a matter of them watching their base. The other reason is that that particular sequence — scissor to pendulum — requires you to make a large movement with your hips, going from one side through an arc that’s greater than 180 degrees. Therefore, lower chance of success because too much space. Instead, he prefers to throw the scissor sweep off a triangle attempt, when he doesn’t quite get their arm through the hole and they power it back through and so throw their base forward for him. And the pendulum, off an armbar attempt. (I am fuzzy on that one right now, though.)

However, we did still work scissor to pendulum, and I was glad that I’d asked for that as Andrew identified the problem I’ve had in getting both sweeps to work independently: my hips are off the center line. The problem became very obvious when I tried to switch between the two. On the scissor, they’re too far back (also explains why it’s so easy for folks to pass, as there’s less in their way); on the pendulum, they’re too far forward so that my legs are falling back over my head (which results in them having better base and me having to push a lot more to get the sweep, if I get it at all). In both sweeps, my hips need to stay on their center line. We finally moved to having me lay along one of the lines in the mat and work from there. That helped.

Drilled for the rest of class.

NaNoWriMo Update

Word Count: 47,433 / 50,000

So close! ~2,600 words left. Not going to make 50k on the single runaway story, however, as my brain informed me last night that it is tired of this extreme extra effort and wants a break. I didn’t get to this story until nearly 11,000 words in (end of Day 5). So I’m allowed to think further & make notes on the story — and I already have lots of ideas — but not to write on it for a while. Maybe I’ll have my own mini-NaNo in January or February to rewrite this one (because hardly anything that I wrote is actually how the story really goes!).


One response to “Monday morning after a holiday

  1. SL says:

    Lol I don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving but it was a long holiday in Malaysia (we had Monday off) and I was feasting over the entire weekend. Started off with an all you can eat sushi buffet! Mmmmm. :9

    The open mats after that was HORROR. Oh gods I can still feel the salmon sashimi rolling in mah belly. :V

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