Even Black Belts puke…

…when they eat peppery kipper herring for lunch, lol.

November Homework

Pre-class food & drink:

  • banana
  • protein shake
  • water

Class notes:

  • I wasn’t the only one still feeling the effects of the holiday. Several guys commented on that, too.
  • Felt okay, but then I got home and one of my toes cramped! Owowowowowow. I was dancing around on my toes earlier, trying to stretch it out.

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

Short warmup, then to rolling. Guillaume, Andrew, Rob, and Tim. Then sat one so Tim and Andrew could roll. Then with Andrew again. I think it was the first roll where he tried to omoplata me, and I turned in and rotated so that I was sitting facing him — a little sequence that we’ve passed through several times over the last few weeks, and from which he usually goes straight to trying to get back up and pass my guard — only this time he suddenly footlocked me. Ooo, sneaky. Gotta watch my flailing feet there. He said that he was on to my tricks. Hehe — for now. 😉

Then drilling. Escaping side control. Drilled with Guillaume. Somewhere in rolling, I aggravated my shoulder that was hurting this morning. Crud. And then in drilling, it felt like someone stuck a knife right through the joint. Sudden, searing, narrowly-focused pain. At one point when I went to put that arm behind Guillaume’s head to hold him in side control, the shoulder just screamed. I nearly cried. I backed out of position, and then the joint spasmed. Holy freaking cow that hurts. That was “I want my mommy” bad. So I had to take a few moments to writhe around on the floor while trying to find a way to stretch that thing out. The spasming finally stopped, though the pain continued for the rest of the night. It was almost bearable, though, and I didn’t want to cry again, so kept going. (Although, when Guillaume practiced the armbar from there, I asked him to stretch my arm out that way a couple of times. Seemed to help.)


Only a couple other guys showed up towards the end of the Fundamentals class, so we just added them and continued drilling.

Later Tim called for rolling. Rolled with Guillaume, Rob, and Tim again.

But just a short ways in to my round with Tim, which of course involved him on top, he stepped back and looked a little queasy. Said he needed some air and walked out the nearest door, but was out there a good while, then came back and announced that he’d thrown up. (That door fronts the main road, so yeah, that was a great advertisement for our school, lol!) And then he went out again. And then again. Wow. … And then back to the bathroom a couple of times. Man!

(Note to self: do not eat kipper herring. 😮 )

I’m going to take tomorrow night off to rest this shoulder. It hurts that badly. Actually, at the moment it doesn’t hurt, but I know how badly it did hurt, and I think this little guy needs a break. And more ice. And ibuprofen. And ice cream. 😉

NaNoWriMo Update

Word Count: 47,433 / 50,000

No change since this morning. But the added bonus of having to take tomorrow night off anyway is that I’ll have time to (hopefully) finish it up.


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