Post-turkey rolling

I think I managed to behave like a sane person for most of Thanksgiving, and didn’t even feel full until halfway through dessert. But then it felt like someone dropped a semi-trailer in my belly. Doh. I invited Aubrey to Thanksgiving with my family because she couldn’t go home this week and her other friends were unsure when/if they would have their dinner.

My family does not partake of the Black Friday madness, so I spent yesterday writing, playing video games, and visiting with my best friend & her husband.

November Homework

Pre-class food and drink:

  • 2 slices bacon
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 oz (?) goat cheese with dried cranberries
  • coffee with heavy cream

Class notes:

  • Sluggish and little energy, but I think Thanksgiving is still lingering.

Open Mat

Quite a good number of folks on the mat today. Mostly not college students though, and even those two — Aubrey and Guillaume — are grad students and live too far away to have made going home for one week convenient. (Aubrey is from western Michigan. Guillaume’s parents live in France [though he’s originally from Ivory Coast, and he protests if you call him French].) Ray’s brother-in-law stopped in, and I think I heard Ray mention that he was a wrestler in college.

Started out working with Aubrey. She was up for rolling some to warm up. Then we stopped to drill things that she had questions about — passing butterfly guard, passing half guard, armbars from mount, etc. Did that for a long time, then sat and watched some of the guys roll a bit.

Andrew waved me over later, and we had a fairly intense roll. Then I later pounced on Guillaume and rolled for a few minutes.


Word Count: 42,600 / 50,000

I was about 3,300 words behind by yesterday, but by last night I was about 1,000 words ahead. (So only 600 words off of today’s goal.) I did three hour-long bursts yesterday, aiming for 1,000 words each, and ended up with ~4,300 words total. I’m going to try that strategy again today and tomorrow and see where it gets me.

I am aiming to end up with over 50,000 before I get this current storyline to its ending. I need to actually check on how many words were part of my initial fumbling around before I latched on to this one, and I want to try to get 50,000 words on this one story alone.


One thought on “Post-turkey rolling

  1. Very nice. My last 2 days were all open mat and today in particular was a crazy workout. Got to roll with a bunch of new partners recently so it’s been a great experience. Thanksgiving week killed my routine though…way too much food, not enough exercise! Paying for it now…

    I’m glad that your friend is getting into BJJ. One of my closest friends wants to try out my MMA school so I’m hoping she’ll be coming for a trial soon to at least get the exposure by doing the Fundamentals class.

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