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Morning attacks

on November 23, 2011

Ooo, I haven’t woken up this early in a while. I’ve meant to, and my alarm has still gone off at 6am, but I’ve been turning it off and setting the backup alarm. 😮 But not this morning. This morning I dragged my squinty-eyed self out to make coffee and try to wake up. At least the time change is still lingering and the horizon was still a bit light when I got up, though it’s ugly and overcast today.

As Andrew predicted, we were the only two this morning. Rolling with theory breaks. Good stuff.

Showed me how he kept sneaking the underhook in from half guard, even after I thought I’d passed his knee. At first I couldn’t figure out why I was able to turn and pass so easily (Andrew has a good half guard), but then found that letting me pass was only a ruse. I thought I had passed, but I actually wasn’t quite through — his knee was still across and on my far hip, and that is the key, because now he can position his arm underneath that leg and then kick his leg out of the way while shooting the arm right behind it. The leg clears the way (and/or the partner’s brain thinks they’re moving the leg out of the way and forgets about things from that quarter), and then the underhook slides right in. Sneaky stuff.

Talked about how he’s a “lazy” grappler — which, if you ever roll with him, is not at all what he feels like; there’s always pressure and/or the imminent danger of a choke or submission. But he said that what he does is set up two (sometimes more) options for his partner, and neither choice will end well for the partner. He sets these up with the pressure or the submission threat, but then doesn’t force either of them on his partner; he lets them choose which way. Often, they won’t even realize that he has a second option available because they’re so focused on the one that they’ve identified (as I did when I defended a kimura in half guard and got knee-barred instead). But, as he also pointed out, the threats have to be real — I can’t just grab a neck and do nothing with it; if there’s no threat, then they don’t have to make a choice and/or I’ve left them a 3rd option, which is escape/dominate in return.

Now the funny thing about the previous is that I think I did exactly that in the tournament. The only thing I remember consciously thinking was “Attack, attack, attackattackattack.” The how and what I left up to my unconscious brain. But after a week off and coming back to my normal training grounds, I think my brain turned off the “Attack” portion and so has been largely directionless for the last few days. (That, and tired! since I’m dragging it away from the couch again.) It had the intensity still cranked up, but was doing all the wrong things with it.

Last couple of minutes, though, the switch got turned on a little bit. The lights were at least flickering. Andrew kept calling out “Attack, attack!” and was feeding me opportunities, which turned in to omoplata, armbar, triangle, and mounted triangle attempts, all bam-bam-bam. (Wait, omoplatas?! How did those get in there?). So, only one at a time really, but at least they were attacks and were coming in bunches and without much hesitation. Getting there.

November Homework

Pre-class food:

  • coffee and heavy cream
  • banana

Class notes:

  • You mean, besides it being early and wishing I was asleep? Seemed fine.

One response to “Morning attacks

  1. Georgette says:

    I’d love to see video of the chain you described Andrew doing… the halfguard thing with the underhook thing….. I mean, not making a specific request or anything, but still I’d love to see it…. he sounds like what I wanna be when I grow up.

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