Back on the mats again

Man, it was so hard to hold myself off the mats at the end of last week! Thankfully I had lots of things that kept me busy. I nearly caved on Saturday, but then my mom called to go shopping. Whew. So by today, I was raring to go.

November Homework

Pre-class food:

  • banana
  • protein shake
  • water

Class notes:

  • Well, winded quickly, but that’s more likely from sitting on my bum all week and eating crap for a whole week. Muscles did not feel tired — no particular set of muscles felt depleted at all.

Fun thing from a week off: we’ve submitted several maintenance requests at work for my corner of the office. First was an invasion of stinkbugs, then was that it was so ridiculously cold, and finally that the wind was so loud through the windows. The guys joked and called it my kazoo. !!!

Anyway, the maintenance guy came about the wind on Thursday, and he said he would check it out on a lift outside. And he found the one problem that has caused all the others — the top window was open. These windows are not meant to open, but the pane here had slid quite a bit to one side, leaving a quarter-inch gap the whole way up. This is of course how the bugs got in, the heat got out, and the wind got in.

The maintenance guys managed to slide the pane back in place and caulked it, so hopefully it stays there now. My corner has been rather snug since they fixed it, too.

My friend Aubrey, who I met when she was our summer IT intern at work, asked if she could come to BJJ this week because all her friends are out of town on Thanksgiving break and because she is always up for trying something new. I think every time I talk to her, she’s doing something different. Aubrey is a lot taller than me and otherwise bigger — somehow I can see it this time — so I couldn’t loan her a gi for class.

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

The college kids are pretty much gone this week because they’re off for Thanksgiving. Small class — me, Aubrey, and one other blue belt, with Andrew teaching.

Short warmup, though I was already winded, then on to drilling. Side control escape to single leg. Later added finishing the single. Then the swinging leg escape to head-and-arm control. (Andrew actually showed a bridging version, then Justin showed the swinging version. I’ve always done the swinging, so that’s what I did.)

Worked with Aubrey. She seemed to be having fun.


More guys showed up. Class started with drilling. A half-guard escape that Tim called “The Superman.” It didn’t make sense, though, until Justin showed it without anyone on him, and then it looks rather like a Superman punch. Aha!

Drilled with Aubrey again. The funny things with the sweep is that you can easily land in half-guard on top, and so your partner can then do a rep. And with the way you’re oriented, you’re both sweeping in the same direction on the mats. So we started in one corner of the mats, did a set of reps down the side of the mat until we were nearly on top of the next pair; then we switched sides and did a set of reps down the side of the mat back down to where we started. Quite amusing.

Paired up for rolling. Aubrey wanted to try, so Tim let us work together. Just went slow and tried to get her in positions from drilling (though I kept sliding to mount. Lol, automatic response.). Got her in side control and she picked the swinging leg escape, landing in the head-and-arm control. Tim stepped in to show her how to switch to the side, take the back, and RNC. So let her drill that a few times, then worked in my own escape. Most of our roll was her drilling new stuff, though.

Then I was paired with Ed and Aubrey with Buddy. He apparently just kept sweeping her, which amused her. Super duper winded super fast with Ed. Then one more roll with Buddy, which was fun. Lol, I might not be able to breathe, but the intensity level popped right back up there (so at least I didn’t lose everything in a week!). Aubrey sat that one out to just watch everyone. Afterwards she commented that now she understands why I love doing this so much. 🙂

And as soon as she got home, she posted on my Facebook Wall asking about buying a gi. And competing. Lol, I think she done got bit by the BJJ bug. 😉

We’ll only have class tomorrow and Wednesday nights this week because of the holiday. So I’ll go all 3 nights and get in my share of beatings, then rest up over the long weekend.

NaNoWriMo Update

Word Count: 35,394 / 50,000

I caught up last week after getting behind during the tournament, but tonight I haven’t been able to get back in the post-class swing and have take way too long to get things going. But that word count still puts me ahead for today — and there will be Thursday and Friday to catch up, as well.

Now, if I could just figure out how this thing is going to end…

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