Resting up

Did I mention that I was going to take this week off to rest up? I’m taking this week off to rest up.

Not that I need it so much from the tournament itself (I think this might be the first tournament where I didn’t come away with a new injury or an aggravated old injury), and I only grappled for a total of ~16 minutes over 5 fights. But I was near mental and physical exhaustion well before the tournament, and only the thought of getting to rest afterwards could keep me going some days. So I’m taking it. (Then next week is Thanksgiving, so there will be fewer classes as well [& smaller, with all the students on break].)

Went to see Dr. Tom last night. Both my shoulders have been feeling quite decent lately (and Lo finished me with a north/south kimura that did not hurt until it was supposed to, ha!, so that’s nice), so we moved my next visit out 4 weeks, which Tom said is what normal people schedule. Heh.

I have all these plans for things I’m going to do with my sudden-found free time, but I also know how easily distracted I am and how often I do the opposite of what I’d planned to do if only for the reason that it was planned. (Yes, even when I’m the one that planned it. And trying to plan only things I know I won’t want to do so that I’ll procrastinate by doing the things I really want to do doesn’t work, either, since I’m smarter than myself.)

One of the things — the only one that I’m guaranteed to do, actually — is to catch up on my NaNoWriMo story, which is currently about 1,000 words behind because I didn’t write most of the weekend, but I’d gotten ahead last week, so didn’t get too far behind. (I’m at 22,200 words, though my characters just hijacked my story and took off in a submarine through an underground river. So we’ll see where that goes… literally, lol.)

Anyway, see ya’ll in a week or so!


5 thoughts on “Resting up

  1. Maybe. Actually, it’s rather terrible. And I don’t say that in a fishing-for-compliments way — it’s really quite bad! And it’s actually supposed to be, because it’s a first draft, and a first draft written under an enormous time crunch at that. And I had zero pre-work done for this story, not even characters’ names. I had, honestly, a one-line sentence to describe the story. So I am quite literally making it all up as I go along. Hence, a submarine in what used to be a nice normal fantasy story. (They were trying to sneak away, they found stairs going down, then they realized they were being followed so they started running, then at the bottom was an underground river and they needed a way out, so — submarine.)

    I have also had to invoke God Mode once to zip the characters from Point A to Point B because they just would not get there on their own, and I got annoyed.

    And at this point I already know some things that need to be changed from the very beginning. I’m changing those things as I encounter them now, but one of the rules of NaNo is that you can’t go back and change something that you’ve already written. No editing allowed during the month.

    (Now my story from last time, I actually had some work done and even some basic plotting. That one was almost readable from the first draft. This one, not so much.)

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