Submission Only Richmond, November 2011

This weekend was the Submission Only tournament in Richmond, Va. Quick results:

Nogi, weight class: 1st (of 2)
Nogi, absolute: 1st (of 2)
Gi, weight class: 1st (of 2)
Gi, absolute: 3rd (of 4)

Longest match: 6:10
Shortest match: 0:27

Won with 2 guillotines, an armbar from mount, and a loop choke. Lost to a north/south kimura.

I actually weighed in heavy (thanks, hormones, I love you too), so was bumped up a weight class. But it ended up working out fine.

Nogi, weight class

There were 2 smaller girls in one division, so the other girl, Caitlin, and I made up the other. She was actually one weight class above me (though I, of course, did not realize that this because I just can’t see these things). Our fight went 4:10 and I finished with a guillotine. (The video runs long because I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off!)

Nogi, absolute

Though there were four of us doing nogi, only two of us signed up for the absolute. Candice was from the smaller weight class. That fight ended in 0:27 and also ended with a guillotine. The guy taking the video didn’t get my camera started in time. Boo. (Also, that was the 3rd fastest submission of the day.[Several fights in the blue & white absolutes were also faster. Boo.] Fastest was a 9-second armbar in a purple belt division.)

Gi, weight class

We had a bit of a wait until the gi divisions because one of the local girls, Lo, decided to compete and had to wait for her gi to be delivered.

For weight class, Candice and I were combined, and Caitlin, Michelle Welti, and Lo had a bracket together. I won with armbar from mount in 6:10:

Gi, absolute

For blue belt gi absolute, we had 4 girls. Candice fought Michelle first, and I fought Lo. Lost to a north/south kimura in 2:00. Most of this fight was me thinking in increasing levels of “#@$%!!”:

So the 3rd place match was me and Candice again. Got a little lazy in the beginning and got swept & mounted, but then won this with a loop choke in 3:20:

Sadly, you can’t see the choke on the video, because it was pretty awesome. I just never let go of that lapel grip and kept fighting to get my second hand in the way we were doing a few weeks ago. Also, that sweep when I escaped mount had some technique to it, but even as I was doing it I was thinking, “I’m bigger than you and I’m totally going to use that and just push you over.”

Don’t even ask me where the guillotines and loop chokes came from. I don’t finish those in class, so I have no clue why they suddenly popped out now. (Although, I was quite glad to see them!)

I’m really rather happy with how I did in my matches. My brain did this thing where it went to work without first checking with me, which was great because it apparently knew how to get to work, keep calm, and make like the grappley, and it really didn’t need my help.

A couple of my teammates from the Salem affiliate came and competed, too. Daniel had a match that was ended after 1 hour by agreement (it was recorded as a “No Contest”). Jaime had a 1 hr 8 min match. Ez had a couple of long matches, too. This time it wasn’t me with the long matches! They could only stay for nogi because they wanted to get back early today, but between them, they all won some matches, too, and are bringing home some hardware.


17 thoughts on “Submission Only Richmond, November 2011

  1. Congrats on all those wins! If Richmond was within 3 hours of driving distance from me, you probably would have gotten to guillotine me too…I so desperately want to do a Sub Only tournament, even though I can’t really afford to train properly for competition just yet.

  2. Extremely well done!
    I like all of the KoB work, your top control was excellent.
    You tend to give up top position in the scrambles, which I do too, but I think is a technical no-no.
    That loop choke was straight out of my play book and very well executed, I loved the way you hooked the knee to stop her from rolling away.
    An excellent showing!

    • Yeah, I think that’s a result of never/rarely ending on top during in-class scrambles, so I’ve become conditioned to end up on the bottom.

      Hooking that leg on the loop/bow-and-arrow from mount is one of the required details at my academy. (So is keeping the front knee up or at least snaking it around to trap the bottom arm before switching to the two-arm attack, but I forgot that.) Supposed to be collar & pants grabs, knee behind the head, and then do a seated row to finish. (But I bet my wrist wasn’t straight, which is why the first two choke attempts didn’t finish her.)

      Also, Bumpkin was staying with the Linzys this weekend, as was I, so I got to hang out with him. (Found out that he got his blue belt from my coach; I had not known that.)

      During my gi weight class match, Becca Mini-Beast Forsyth (orange belt) is in the background defeating a full-grown woman.

    • Cause Becca is an unstoppable monster from another planet.
      She’s going to turn 16 and just get handed a brown belt. Probably be the youngest female black belt ever at 18.

      There’s a really really really slick transition to a triangle from the back you can do with that collar grip if they are defending too well, or your grip is already tired or something.
      Bumpkin is a super cool dude too.

    • Without the hard work, you wouldn’t have been in a position to apply those “lucky” submissions. You might have been in a worse position, or even been submitted already. You may as well accept that I won’t let you win this one–unless selling yourself short is just your way of fishing for compliments, which in this case is working wonderfully ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Lol, okay, okay, you win! I’m fishing for the opposite of compliments, but it’s not working apparently. ๐Ÿ˜› You’re right, if I hadn’t worked hard, I wouldn’t have been able to get to the positions where I was, and those necks and arms wouldn’t have dropped right in to my lap, as it were.

  3. Also, I find it amusing that you couldn’t tell Caitlin was in the weight class above you when she clearly looks much larger than you in the video. Just out of curiosity–how did the 27-second guillotine come about? Was it from a takedown attempt on her part? And lastly, is that Elyse reffing some of your matches?

    • Lol, I am rather blind that way. I think I just always assume I’m the same size as the person I’m standing next to.

      I let her attempt to pull guard (she did the foot-on-hip sit). I remember that much, because I know I didn’t attempt a single takedown. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think I then smash-passed through to side control or half guard (my brain seemed to decide on this course all day) and somehow ended up with the guillotine control. I may have tried to finish it there first, but she pushed in to me so I rolled to my back, and I finished it from guard-ish, with one butterfly hook and one leg across her back. (My facebook picture is the finish. One of my teammates snapped it from across the gym.)

      Yes, that is indeed Elyse. Rosie Storey is the other female ref.

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