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on November 9, 2011

November Homework

Pre-class food & drink:

  • Avocado (289cal, 15carb, 27fat, 3protein)
  • banana (109cal, 28carb, 1fat, 1protein)
  • protein shake (118 cal, 1carb, 1 fat, 26protein)
  • totals: 515cal, 44carb, 28fat, 31protein
  • 10oz water

Class notes:

  • Someone else commented before class that it was already hot in there. I felt it, too, and I was wearing my lightest gi.
  • Accidentally overcaffeinated myself earlier in the day — the first cup at work is supposed to be decaf, but I had a new French press for work and my brain was fixated on that. So doubled my caffeine then, and was either shaky or nauseous or had a headache all during the day.
  • My hips died first, then legs felt heavy. Then nauseous for the rest of class. Not pleasant.

BJJ Fundamentals

Warmup. Seemed rougher than usual. Lots of legs/hips, which promptly died on me. Then rolling. Bobby and Brandon, I think. One of my contacts decided to dry to my eyeball. That on top of flat, tired, and nauseous made for a quite unpleasant night.

The 285-lber was back tonight, as was Evan, the former “mountain of a man.” Yeah, next to the new guy, Evan looks small. So, new nominee for “mountain of a man.”

Drilling was scissor sweep. (I actually missed the explanation because the new hoodies & thermal shirts arrived as we were rolling, and Tim wanted to get them handed out as soon as possible, so I was over taking care of that.) Drilled with Bobby for the rest of class.


Started with drilling, the push version of the scissor sweep. Then later added armbar from mount once you got there.

Rolling later. Bobby and Brandon again.


Word Count: 15,485 / 50,000

My characters just finished (I hope) wandering in circles. They couldn’t quite decide which way is best — they went off the trail, spent the night in a cave, & then went further into the mountains (until the girl asked the guy if he was lost, and he had to admit he was); they went off the trail, spent the night in a cave, & then went back to the main road (but had lost too much time & couldn’t make it to the next town before dark); and then they stayed on the road, though she drifted off. Those first two kept running in to problems at the end and there was no way to get them back on track. (I’d promised my female character an inn to sleep in, and neither of the first options got her there, and great day was she ever insistent that this get fixed!)

One of the keys to NaNo, though, is that you don’t throw out anything, not even tangents that don’t quite work out like those. Even though it doesn’t fit here, it might fit somewhere else (and I do have an idea or two).


5 responses to “Flat

  1. Rebekah says:

    Do you think you might have some sort of undiagnosed illness? You seem to report that you are tired at every BJJ class. It seems a bit unusual, no?

    • Rebekah says:

      Sorry, I don’t mean to be so forward for a stranger. But I do read your blog every day, and the thought keeps crossing my mind. You seem very tired, all the time!

    • leslie says:

      Lol, no worries, you’re fine 😛

      The thought has crossed my mind, too. But I’m trying very hard not to be a hypochondriac or WebMD expert.

      Although there have been several sick people at the office last week and this week. I’ve tried to stay away from them…

      I know I don’t recover enough between classes, and I usually train a lot. And as Kintanon’s November Homework has pointed, I haven’t been eating nearly enough carbs at all. (I have been training hard on very few carbs for months. Months!) And I think I’m finding that I’m very sensitive (gah!) to factors like sleep, diet, recovery, etc., and that I have to have them all done right.

      I’m taking next week off after the tournament Saturday, so I’m planning to take some time to look at what I’ve been tracking for the past two weeks & see if there’s something I’m not getting enough of. And to read up some more and see if there’s anything else I can be doing…

  2. Kintanon says:

    With your volume of training you’re going to be super sensitive to those things. Jackjitsu mentioned how he envied my recovery time over at JJForums, but my recovery time is entirely a product of the insane amount that I eat plus getting good sleep. When Things interfere with my sleep or my ability to eat ~3000 calories a day then my recovery time goes to crap and I start falling asleep at random points during the day and sleepwalking through jiujitsu.
    And it’s not just quantity either. When I do things like go on a weekend donut binge I feel it for a WEEK afterwards with slugishness and drowsiness. When my diet is nice and clean and full of meat and veggies with plenty of fruit and regular protein smoothies (Yeah, the protein powder has crap sugar in it, but the protein is worth it) then I’m awake and active all the time, get better sleep, and have more energy.
    If you were only training twice a week for an hour and a half and not really doing anything else you would find that you didn’t have to worry about your diet and your sleep as much, but you’re placing a TREMENDOUS load on your body and it needs a lot of energy to keep up that pace.

    • leslie says:

      There’s one thing right there that I’ve been missing lately: protein shakes. I don’t even know why I stopped (probably $$), but I used to have one every morning after class, every night before class (with just water), and sometimes after class, too. (No crap sugar, either; just sucralose.)

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