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Fundamental Conditioning

on November 4, 2011

November Homework

Pre-class food & drink:

  • Avocado
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 10-oz water

During class notes:

  • Still some burning in the quads after the pushup/alligator hybrid and squat jumps. Conditioning stuff just sucked all around, although I did not die like I did Monday morning. And then had recovered enough by Open Mat to (semi) keep up with Justin.

Fundamentals Class, nogi

Andrew decided to hate us tonight and kill us with conditioning drills. Warmup started normally. Then on the wall: alligators with pushups at the end, single legs, squat jumps with sprawls.

Then partnered up. One person started in guard & held on; the other stood up and lifted then. Did everything… er… timed? Dunno. Next, one person in guard; other stood up; one on the bottom then had to do a situp. (I nearly fell over every time Bobby did a situp.) Next, one person went on their hands and knees; other switched sides 3 times then slid in both hooks, all without using hands. Next, one on hands and knees; other person sat on their back, facing backwards, and put their hooks in (from the wrong side, so it was kinda odd), and then did negative situps over their partners’ head. Surprisingly, that hurt a lot, and being on the bottom was worse because when they dug their hooks in as they sat back, you had to tighten your lower body to keep from being pushed away, and your arms had to stay tight and bracing, too. When Bobby finished his first set, it took me a bit to get my body out of that position!

Finally (finally!) finished and moved in to drilling for the rest of class. Plan B sweep from half guard. Drilled with Bobby.

Open Mat

No one extra showed up for Open Mat. I got to roll with Justin. He alternated between letting me play and crushing me. Quite fun.


No change since this morning.


One response to “Fundamental Conditioning

  1. Reese says:

    “He alternated between letting me play and crushing me. Quite fun.”

    Haha that’s pretty much my description of last night’s class. It was fun though!

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