The wall

November homework


  • 2 oz feta cheese (150cal, 2c/12f/8p)
  • 6 kalamata olives (54cal, 1c/5f/0p)
  • 12-oz water (over next hour)

Class result: felt fine… until we started moving. Then quads were hurting already. No energy. Same through the rest of the night. Willpower kept me going.

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

Short warmup. Forward rolls make me dizzy. Then partnered up to roll. With Eamon, new guy, and Rob. First roll was called out as “nice and easy, good jiu-jitsu.” That always drops my brain into a certain energy and pattern, which I actually did manage to keep the way I wanted to with Eamon despite the size difference. Then Tim gave me the nod with the new guy, but I couldn’t get the switch flipped to “killer instinct”; in addition, my body was tired and whiney. Did okay, but nothing spectacular, mostly just defense against silly stuff. Some taking the back but couldn’t finish chokes; mount once, failed armbar, mount again. With Rob, finally managed a few bursts of intensity, though those were always met with longer bursts from him. Doh.

Drilling was a half guard pass. Drilled with Bobby.

Quick water break, and then on to the next class:


Rolling to warm up. Bobby and Rob. Then drilling. Started with the same pass from the Fundamentals class because a couple other guys came in. Then a gi choke from that same switched position. Drilled with Bobby and the new guy. One more round of rolling, with Bobby again.


As of right now: 2,971 / 50,000

Still have to write tonight, too.


11 thoughts on “The wall

    • No, not yoga; we moved out of that place (and they actually never even ended up having the yoga move in). This is a fitness kickboxing class. They are weird in other ways, too. For one, they sometimes train with the lights off (and there isn’t a lot of street light that gets in). They complain about us leaving the mats sweaty, but then they train in shoes & scuff up our mats (and those are our mats). They actually prefer that we leave the building, turn off the lights, and lock the doors before they get there.

      We moved in with them originally because they were supposed to be closing down their stuff. But then they changed their minds, and now they just keep coming up with more “rules” they want us to follow. Don’t know what might happen…

  1. Oh man, that’s really weird. You’d think kickboxers wouldn’t be “intimidated” so easily…maybe I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking, but it’s like they’re trying to get you guys to leave by making a bunch of ridiculous demands.

    And why are they allowed to train on your mats with shoes that scuff? It seems like since they’re your mats, they should follow your rules when it comes to using them.

    • Well, it is fitness kickboxing. I haven’t seen one of their classes, so I don’t know the ratio of fitness to actual kickboxing (but judging from their students, more the former).

      The funny thing is that they were about to close the doors before we came in. We’re keeping them open. If we left, they would have to close. They might think that we have nowhere to go, and now want back the power they originally conceded when we moved in. (I would like to point out to them that we left the previous place on short notice when the situation became untenable, and we did it even when we didn’t have a new home yet. So…)

  2. Hi! I found your blog a little while back through tangled triangle and I love it:D:D:D it’s so nice to see girls blogging about bjj and the struggles and happinesses that comes with it. I live in the uk in a small town and started doing bjj a few months ago and i hope to keep with it and see where it goes:D – anyways the reason I posted:P I have a question completely unrelated to your blog post. I’m going to visit a cousin in washington next week and I was thinking of trying to buy a gi and get is sent to her adress because its cheaper than trying to get it shipped over here. I’m looking for a cool coloured gi and was wondering if you have any sites to suggest?? hope im not taking too much of your time and would really appreciate any help you can give me:) thank you!!

    • Well, first, there are some UK companies that make some nice-looking gis, too: Tatami and Black Eagle come to mind.

      Are you looking for a female-specific gi? I’ve worn Fenom and Atama women-specific gis and like both a lot. There are also women-specific gis from Fuji, CatFightGear, OTM, and others.

      The Gis for Girls site has reviews of several gis, both women-specific and regular Adult sizes. I don’t know what size you are, but I at least have to look for A0 adult gis, and not all companies make them that small; Koral is one that does. (There is also the option of wearing kids’ gis, if you’re really tiny!)

      Also, sites like MMAOutlet, BudoVideos, and JiuJitsuGear offer gis from various places. You’ll probably want to look at somewhere that can ship to Washington (D.C. or the state? Opposite sides of the country!) in time for you to get it.

  3. Ah thank you!:D and yes im looking for specific gi’s for girls. I already have a gi from tatami and its very nice but they only have em in “regular” colours like blue and white. Just seeing if i can get one while im over there. Just went onto google map and saw that I’m going to virginia haha, its close to washington d.c, fredericksburg. Me an geopgraphy not good. Thanks leslie!:)

  4. Oh, I also wanted to say that those people seem weird to me as well. The one kid teaching is always wearing a t-shirt, basketball shorts, a backwards baseball cap and his BB around his waist. Just looks weird.

    • @Tyler: Might have. Blonde, at least; smaller and a bit hyper.

      @Tyler & Josh: Yeeeeeaaaaah, that’s the other folks’ son. And minus the black belt, that’s his normal attire. (The baseball cap is also usually perched on his head, not actually worn. Whatever that silly style is where people leave the sticker on, leave the bill flat, and then just set the cap precariously on their head.)

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