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…and this little piggy ate everything in sight!

on November 2, 2011

A friend of mine gave up dairy for October, just to see if she could. An unforeseen consequence of this is that she had to give up her Tuesday night “All You Can Eat Barbecue and Sides” at the best BBQ place in town because she has a very large weakness for their mac & cheese and banana pudding. (Actually, according to the sign inside, it’s “All You” Can Eat. I tried hard to get a picture, but my camera would not cooperate.) So last night she invited people to the aforementioned BBQ joint for a celebration/breaking the dairy-fast dinner. Since I had decided to start taking Tuesdays off in November, this worked out perfectly.

I had 2 rounds of pork (no bun) and 4 sides. I was semi-good and had green beans as one. But the rest were carb heavy: mac & cheese, potato salad, and banana pudding. And of course hush puppies with each round. The banana pudding was just like Mom makes, too, which means thick and rich and heavy and ohsogood.

By the time I got home, I felt tipsy. Seriously, like I’d had something to drink, which I had not. Walking in a straight line was hard; my head was light and spinny. Dude, what? And I’d had road rage on the way home, too, which is not normal, and was feeling aggressive the rest of the night, too.

I put everything in to SparkPeople (though I think I probably ate richer food than what shows up there since it was all homemade, so more of everything: calories, carbs, fat, protein). Says I ate twice as much in that one meal as I had throughout the rest of the day. Carbs at 111 for that meal; rest of the day was 46. Wowza.

This morning, normal routine before class: wake up and make coffee with 1 tablespoon heavy cream.

Interestingly, I woke up faster than usual this morning and didn’t almost fall asleep on the couch. And I felt fine all through class, not dragging like on Monday. (However, class this morning was a whole lot lighter, too: lots of drilling and no spazzy white belt trying to kill me.) I also didn’t feel nearly as sleepy as usual on my commute — it’s a whole 4.2 miles, but there’s this one spot where I usually get almost overwhelmed with a desire to go to sleep right then and there. Brain feels more alert so far today, too. (The trade-off, though, seems to be a rather unhappy GI.)

Morning Class

Short warmup. Supposed to do pushups in there, but my left shoulder was exploding in pain at the time, so I did them on my knees. Not terribly much better, but some.

Then to drilling, half guard on top to guillotine. Drilled with Ray. Then short rounds of rolling, starting in half guard for every reset; two rounds per partner, so each could start in each position (top/bottom). With Ray first and then Andrew.

NaNoWriMo Update

Goal: Write 50,000 words in the month of November. (That’s 1,667 words/day.)
As of this morning: 1,985 / 50,000

The last time I did NaNo, I had a story I wanted to work on. This time, I don’t have any story that’s jumping up and down saying, “Oh, pick me!” So for now I’ve started a story of four women in a writing group who are reading their stories to each other, and then using a random number generator to pick which storyline from my list I start on. The funny thing is that the story of the four women comprises most of what I wrote last night. So they may end up being the focus after all!


4 responses to “…and this little piggy ate everything in sight!

  1. Kintanon says:

    I’m seeing indications that you may nave neglected the section of the paleo/primal diet titled “Paleo/Primal for hi volume athletes”, You probably need to add some additional carbs to your diet in the form of fruit. An apple or a banana in the morning with your coffee would probably be ideal to get you through our commute alert.
    I tend to have some fruit right before bed too to help me wake up in the morning, it just makes me wake up starving, but usually starving and energetic.

    • leslie says:

      I think it’s both neglecting the specifics of that information and also not tracking what I was doing. I knew I could/should eat more carbs for practice and I would try to (sweet potato at lunch, often), but I have neither any idea how much I should be eating nor how much I am (or am not) eating.

      Hence why I like this month’s homework. I knew I needed to track it; I just need a kick in the pants to do it.

      I did also get hit with the starving monster when I got home from class. (Thankfully I’ve fixed the mornings to include pre-made sausage & egg muffins, and today had a bonus of avocado dip on top.)

      Reading through Mark’s Daily Apple posts on athletes now…

    • leslie says:

      My homework has homework! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!

  2. leslie says:

    Reading on Mark’s Daily Apple has given me two main things so far:

    1. I had my target range of carbs too low for even a normal person, much less a crazy lady who trains often and hard. Oh.

    2. Everything I experienced after dinner last night is described right here. The only difference is that I did fall sound asleep quickly, and even earlier than usual.

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