Progress Report, October 2011

Feels like a “one step forward, two steps back” kind of month. Got a little somewhere with focusing intensity and being more assertive during rolls. On the other hand, now I have a problem of not being able to switch from relaxed, warmup-style rolling to the new style, so some rolls have had only little bursts (to the tune of 30 seconds) of doing things right. Lots of injuries popping up or being aggravated, too, which always slows progress (or at least perception of). Several cases of non-ideal training partners that left me cranky and off-balance for days.

I think I’m also starting to get over this compulsion(?)/fear(?)/whatever that makes me want to be in class every second that it’s open. I’m actually going to start taking a second night off again each week (Tuesday, so starting tonight). I’ve read a few places that blue belts tend to hunt for and amass as many techniques as possible; I’ve never really felt the need to do that, but instead have been obsessed with being in class for every moment. Not because I might miss a new all-powerful technique but because I might miss extra reps on something I need help on. But now I’m starting to see that I might be okay with just getting quality reps when I am there.


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