Oh Monday, why you so mean?

A weekend of eating crap makes for an awful Monday morning.

Somehow prodded myself to class, though did have to turn around and go back for my belt, so was a little late. Only 3 of us, so Andrew had us start by rolling round-robin. Couple times through. So tired. Little over halfway through class, he came up a game in which he’d give each of us a secret move and that was the only thing that could win the round for us. Varied from “pass guard” to “armbar from mount”, from general concepts to specific applications. And he’d try to have the two moves work in opposition, e.g. passing guard vs. triangle, so that we both wanted to work from the same setup. And of course you didn’t know what your opponent had, so anything you gave up might be it, especially since getting to positions was also part of it. After a couple rounds of that, Andrew let me take a break (because I was a boneless puddle on the mat) and do the secret move assignments and watch them roll. A few more rounds later for me, too.

So tired. Walking slow. Thinking even slower. I nearly fell asleep driving home. This is no good… And then I got to work and have an early morning meeting. Ugga.

4 thoughts on “Oh Monday, why you so mean?

    1. It actually went a lot better than I expected. (Honestly, I expected it to suck. Maybe because Andrew got super hyped about playing a game before the sun was up. Meh.) Made the rolls focused, that’s for sure, and even my sleepy little brain could focus on one thing. Rounds were also timed at 3 minutes, in case we stalled each other out.

  1. I love the secret move idea. I want to play! Of course, I only know a few moves so it’ll have to wait a while…but it sounds fun. We used to do things like that in Judo and Boxing back in the day. I remember really enjoying it.

    1. I don’t think you really need too many moves to start playing. And we even had goals like “Get to mount.” Didn’t matter how it was done, just get there. Or, even if it was “armbar”, it was any armbar from anywhere. So if you only know one armbar, well, that’s the one you’ll go for! 😛

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