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Monday night, October 31, 2011

on October 31, 2011

I bought a couple bags of candy for Halloween. Then my brother sheepishly told me that he’d eaten all the good candy out of one bag, leaving only Whoppers behind. Blech. So I bought one more bag. And then at some point today, I realized that I wouldn’t even be home when the neighborhood kids were trick-or-treating, because I would be in class. Oh, right… So I left work a few minutes early, drove home, set the bucket of candy on the front porch, and taped a note to the front door: “Sorry: we’re not home. Please treat yourself.” When I got home, the bucket was empty. Even the Whoppers were gone. No way of knowing if kids took a fair share or if a few greedy kids took the whole thing.

Homework Assignment, November

Another homework assignment from Kintanon, this one for the entire month of November: record what you eat before class and how the class went. This comes at a perfect time, as I’ve been meaning to start a food journal again and just needed a kick in the pants to start. I’ll be recording everything over on my SparkPeople account (bjjgrrl, obviously 😉 ), but only posting pre-class food here.

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

Small class, so we went straight to drilling.

Drilled a mount escape and then later a transition/sweep if they post. Drilled with Andrew and Eamon (?), a new white belt who has trained before. (Biggest guy in the room, too. Why do I always end up training with the big guys?)

Open Mat

Instead of class tonight, we just had Open Mat even though Justin was there, since they figured there would be a small turnout because of Halloween. (Tim left to take his kids trick-or-treating.) Only a couple extra people had shown up by then. Started rolling with Eamon. Then with Adam. I’m notice I’m starting to attack more when I roll, even with new guys and bigger guys, and not just play safe and defensive. I’m still in a lot of crappy positions that sometimes take forever to work out of, but when I have a chance, I seem to be taking them more. And I did work on my hooks in both rounds and found that, yes, I do square back up; I also tend to get distracted and let the knee start tracking inside, which leads to squishing and passing.

After class, because I didn’t want to go home and actually hand out candy, I went shopping for awesome knee socks. 🙂

(Although, there were still kids — and parents in cars — prowling my neighborhood when I got back, so I left the sign & empty bowl on the porch and have tried not to turn on many lights. It’s after 9pm now, so hopefully they’ve all headed home.)

More for November

Tomorrow is November 1 and also the start of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I did it a few years ago (and finished) and have gotten the crazy notion to do it again this year. So one more thing for me to keep track of in November.


4 responses to “Monday night, October 31, 2011

  1. Asia Morela says:

    Hey! You’re doing the NaNo! So cool. 🙂

    BJJ class for me tonight… I truly admire your dedication; I’m only going 2 times per week!

    • leslie says:

      Yep. I’ve done NaNo one time, before I started BJJ. So we’ll see how it goes with so many classes 😮

      Eh, it’s often more of a dedication to a schedule than to class in particular. I set my alarms, pack my bags, and just go because it’s on the calendar. If I made a last-minute decision every night, I’d spend a lot of nights home on the couch!

  2. Shark Girl says:

    Congrats on NaNo…I haven’t heard of it before. Of course, I’d love to read some of your stuff…request for posting a section??
    Also, I’m curious about how your pre-grappling intake affects your rolls.

    • leslie says:

      NaNo is… insanity. I did it in 2007 and barely survived, and that was pre-BJJ! So we’ll see if I go nuts or not.

      I might (very conditional, much hemming-and-hawing, don’t get your hopes up) post something eventually. The only issue with posting anything generated during NaNo is that it is, by definition, horrible. It’s the worst first draft you’ve ever written. You are not allowed to do any nit-picky editor things. You are not allowed to make it pretty. Getting to 50,000 words in 30 days is hard enough (that’s 1,667 words/day) without going back over everything 3 times.

      The only benefit to my setup this year is that I have a frame story of 4 women in a writing group — so they can totally bash on the section that I just wrote because it’s part of their character. Which means I can make my editing notes part of my story. Completely unintended stroke of brilliance, that. 😛

      I, too, am curious about how my pre-class food affects my grappling. (So far, too, I have discovered that I am eating far too few carbs to support my current training schedule. Oh, that might explain a lot…)

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