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Saturday, October 29, 2011

on October 29, 2011

I reached for something this morning, and my left shoulder exploded in pain. Lovely. Ankle was also trying to get put on the injured list. Yeah, this isn’t going to be a great day, is it? At least it didn’t actually snow. (Though it’s freaky cold.)

Small class. Rolled first with a spazzy white belt who doesn’t understand warm-up rolls, but does understand knees and elbows to the face. Yeah… Rolled until I was tired of getting hit in the face. Sat to wait until someone else came free. Tim saw me sitting, though, and told me to start doing burpees. My favorite — the one exercise that hits everything that hurts, all at once. Did 20, then had to stop because of the pain. Went to triangles from the ground and then guard breaks. Another white belt had come in, so Tim sent him over to roll with me. He used to train with us back when I started and is just getting back in. Rolled for a long time. Never got myself really on task, though, in either roll.

Icing shoulder right now. Still pretty painful. Hopefully can fix it up by Monday morning.

Wow, listening to my team’s football game right now. The other team just had a scoring drive in which they actually gained 11 yards — and the rest were all penalties on us. Yeesh!


One response to “Saturday, October 29, 2011

  1. I’ve had a couple instances of people with bad breath, it’s not fun. It makes you hold your breath when their face is towards you. I always brush my teeth and then use mouthwash before I go to class just so I don’t do that to people.

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