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Davids and Goliaths

on October 26, 2011

Fundamentals Class

3 of us plus Tim. 128lbs (it’s a fat day, lol), 205ish, and 190ish: Me, Evan (the mountain of a man from last week), and Andrew.

Class was just drilling, a mount escape. Evan and I both drilled on Andrew, and he drilled on Evan. Drilling the whole class.

There’s a 15-minute break between the Fundamentals class and the BJJ class, but Andrew had to leave early today, so he took Evan to one side of the mat to roll. Tim then grabbed me, so I got 10-15 minutes of pleasant rolling in. Hahahaha. Not exactly. He worked me over good.


Andrew left, but Ed and Steve showed up, so 105 and 140s, respectively. (Everyone was asking everyone’s weight tonight, lol. Also, Ed is smaller than I thought and Steve is larger. Doh.)

Class started/continued with rolling. Tim put me with Evan. Got creamed. 8-10 minute rounds. Then Ed. He commented that I seemed tired. Heh, yeah. Also creamed me. Then Steve. Well, I got a lot of work on defense tonight. Last round. Evan again. Breathing didn’t go so well. Ribs hurt after. Really hurt right now, especially if I do silly things like walk or stand up or sit down.

Stood up after class and got slammed with a headache. Great, dehydrated, too. Lovely. Thankfully, no class tomorrow, so some time to recover. Hopefully it’s enough.


One response to “Davids and Goliaths

  1. Reese says:

    Wow…I got kind of exhausted just reading that lol. Sounds like you’re really working yourself there!

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