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Fighting at 180

on October 22, 2011

It’s a good thing I don’t, is all I got to say. In the black belt division. Men’s. 😛

The football game last night was cold, rather boring, and went late. We mostly ignored the game and just talked. Also, was I that young in high school? Holy moly, but those kids seem so young!

This morning I had the choice of getting more sleep or having breakfast. Chose sleep. Not sure if that was the better choice, but oh well.

Small bunch this morning. Drilled north/south escapes with Guillaume to warm up, then he wanted to drill elevator sweep. Then we rolled for a long while. I was rolling slowly and playing catch-and-release, just wanting to warm up more; then when he got a good position, I found out that he was not doing the same. Doh! Still, able to step up the overall intensity without sacrificing the flowing mentality. Works for me.

Then rolled with Tim. Ha. Ha. Hahahaha. Wow. Well, it’s a good thing I’m not in the 180lb men’s black belt division. I would not last long. He slaughtered me so bad. Wow. Haven’t rolled with him for a while; he’s either been injured or out with his son’s football. Got to roll for a long time, too, which was nice.

One last roll with Guillaume. Not as long as before. Starting to get tired, either from not enough sleep or no breakfast — and/or being slobber-knocked the previous round, lol — so actually took me a little while to get up to the desired intensity. Eventually got ramped up. Randomly, throwing guillotines everywhere, one of them in freaky fast and deep. (What’s that all about? I don’t throw guillotines!)

Tournament updates on Facebook today is worlds colliding. Josh (Kintanon) is at US Grappling Atlanta, run by Chrissy (and Brain and The MikeByrd and Andrew). Maggie is at the Miami Open and fought Stephanie, according to the brackets.


2 responses to “Fighting at 180

  1. clinzy says:

    Worlds totally colliding!!!

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