Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I passed my certification this morning. Test took me all of 18 minutes. Pfft. But I still ended up missing work for most of the morning, by the time I drove down there and back. So now I have the certification that says I can do my job. Heh.

I had to tape the crap out of one of my big toes today. Apparently I injured it in that roll last night, and today it hurt to walk on. Had to tape it up before leaving this morning. Had to tape it up even more by class time. And then every time I needed to push off with that toe, especially for shrimping or alligators, that toe kept slipping off from under me. Thaaaaanks… Doesn’t hurt as much now, which is a good sign.

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

Kaila is back in town for good; he’s been down at Hybrid Training Center in Virginia Beach for a while.

Warmup to start class. Toe slippage. Also, trying to shoot on the stupid side. Yeah, it’s still remarkably stupid. (And it’s so far behind because it was previous sprained, and so couldn’t be shot on for a very long time.)

Then partnered up for a bump sweep variation. Later added turning immediately for the armbar from mount. Then, just to mess with us, Tim had us do armbar from guard for a while and then switch back to the previous, just to see if we’d get confused. Drilled with Bobby.


Another warmup, pretty much identical to the first. More toe slippage and stupid side shooting.

Rolling. With Bobby, Rob, and TR. Rolling with TR is like rolling with a glacier — he’s solid and moves slow, lol.

Drilling was two of the chokes from Draculino’s seminar, the ones I called “From double-leg grab” and “gi guillotine” (basically the same thing, though you step to opposite sides). And somehow I ended up with the biggest guy in the room. I did try to switch partners — because it wasn’t going to be very productive for either of us (me, because he’s so big, and him, because I’m so small) — but we were waved off to drill together. Difficult: for me because he was so barrel-chested that my arms could scarcely get around far enough, and for him because I had to ask him to ease up & had to tap well before he could really finish.

Rolling again, with drilling partner, of course. (The third reason I’d tried to switch drilling partners. I knew that would happen.) Didn’t get the same impression as from the guy last night; still, he probably had 100lbs on me and was fond of flinging things and of grabbing & squeezing. Round was a lot of trying to keep guard of some kind, working on grips and such (read this post today and it’s been rattling around in my head. Especially the part about kittens, lol.). I did actually try to sweep him a few times, which was like trying to nudge a large mountain. That lasso leg did well for me, probably because he had no clue what it was and was unsure about which direction to move, though I couldn’t get the sweep or the omoplata. I also had a little fun with grabbing the end of his gi and sticking my foot in the middle and using that kind of like a spider guard, which freaked him out when I was moving his arm without touching it; he had to stop and look around and figure it out.

But then there was a big enough fling that I couldn’t recover guard from (I’d tried to throw a triangle on him — which is actually it’s own nice digression in both this roll and in yesterday’s, and that’s that I wasn’t just defending and waiting out rounds but was actually attacking some — even though, on reflection, his shoulders are probably too broad for me to actually attempt a triangle on), so turtled, then went right to half guard and tried to come out the back door (but dear goodness, he’s big! I couldn’t reach), and he exploded through to side control and attempted to apply the Redneck Headlock. I tried the escapes several times each, though all I seemed to manage to do was to get his weight more solidly on my chest, until I couldn’t breath and couldn’t move any further. And so had to tap to large man sitting on my ribs. Dang it. More round after that, though.

Theresa and her dad stopped in between classes. She may be able to start training again. They’ve had some issues, and she had to stop right after getting her orange belt.


10 thoughts on “Wednesday, October 19, 2011

    • Oh, and I had the line from a song running through my head when I was rolling with him: “When a mountain of a man with a ‘Born To Kill’ tattoo/tried to cut in, I knocked out his front tooth…”

  1. i’ve since almost given up on triangles or the broader guys, i’ll lock it up to setup an armbar or omoplata but my knees ache like crazy lately when i try to finish..i like that you noticed you were attacking more, it’s lot better than spending 5 minutes in turtle

  2. I would be interested to see how much of an angle you guys are cutting on the triangle, and how far in front of your opponents shoulder your foot is.

    The only parts of your opponents body that should be captured are his neck and the his bicep/tricep area. His shoulder should actually be OUTSIDE of the triangle for the tightest triangles. I’ve found it necessary to cut a perfect 90 degree angle and have my foot fully in front of the shoulder in order to triangle some of the broader guys.

    • A deeper angle might could do it, but this guy was also built like a bull — thick neck, solid shoulders, big biceps, barrel-chested. I’m not sure that the distance from my knee to my heel was long enough to reach! I’ve had that problem even in drilling with guys as big as he was (Arkeif in the morning classes, for one), in that my limbs aren’t quite long enough to cover the physical distance.

    • If you are 5’3″ or shorter there will be guys you can’t triangle, but they will be 220lbs and broad… And there’s a really hilariously sneaky triangle variation you can use on them anyways if you are flexible…

      Reach up and grab your shin and cut the 90 like you are trying to finish the triangle, make sure your grip on the shin is super firm. Use your other leg to help as best you can, once your angle is cut sit up and thread your hand that is grabbing your shin UNDER your shin, palm down onto their shoulder. Reach across with your other hand and claps your hands together. Now pull that far hand in tight towards your chest, and push out with your leg. You will choke almost everyone with a quickness once you get the hang of it. Requires you to be super flexible in the hips, but I’m pretty sure you can pull it off.

    • Trying to envision… So instead of my outside leg cutting off the arm-side by trapping their shoulder into their neck, it’s my underneath arm along the side of their neck? (instead of around the shoulder).

      This is reminding me of something Ez showed me months ago but that I promptly forgot.

      Uh-oh, super hip flexibility — sounds like some of that there Johnny Bravo Rubber Room stuff 😉

  3. Watch the latest episode of Rolled Up from Budo Jake. It’s with Braulio Estima and he shows a series of moves that derive from someone trying the double underhooks pass.

    I mention this because as one of the progressions, he introduces a triangle – and the way he does the triangle really works on bigger guys because it’s at an unusual angle. It’s absolutely superb and I plan to implement it in my own game very soon as well.

    So the next time you have an hour free for some TV watching, go watch that and if you like, skip all of the interviews and talking to get right to the moves that are scattered throughout the video.

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