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Onesies, twosies

on October 17, 2011

The weather has decided to get warm again. However, the wind has picked up. Last night, I discovered that one of the windows in my room is not sealed properly — the wind whistled through all. night. long. Kept me up. So I slept in this morning and didn’t go to class. (And got called a slacker later. Yes. Yes, as a matter of fact, I am.)

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

It’s a good thing when the Fundamentals Class is heavy on upper belts. Tells you that this place takes drilling the basics seriously, and that these upper belts are taking full advantage. Tonight we had 6 upper belts and one white belt.

Warm up, which Andrew decided to make a little more brutal than usual. After forwards and backwards rolls, alligators. Eep, no, not when I’m still dizzy!

Drilled taking a shot, using the mat squares as the minimum length. Worked with Nick, which was funny because he nearly sent me flying every time (and he would have, except that he was catching my legs). After a while, added finishing the double-leg takedown; after a while longer, added a finish once you were down.

Then timed rounds of drilling with a partner: first, knee-on-belly transitions, and then spinning armbar from side control.


Started out drilling. First a little primer on ways that fights can go to the ground, eventually working around to jumping guard. Drilled stepping guard, instead, though. Drilled with Ed. One round of rolling, also with Ed.


4 responses to “Onesies, twosies

  1. Aparna says:

    When they teach us to pull guard at my school, we always drill the the foot in the hip first. It’s so easy to step back when someone jumps guard and see them land on their ass. Of course, at my last (and so far, only) competition, all that went flying out of my head and I know I pulled at least one super-messy butt-flop “guard.”

    • leslie says:

      Lol, that was exactly what Justin pointed out — he’s seen even black belts in competition try to jump guard, and their opponent just steps back and lets them drop themselves on the mat.

  2. SavageKitsune says:

    Re: window…. I have two words for you: Duct Tape. 🙂

    • leslie says:

      I was worried that duct tape might harm the finishes if I left it on there too long, so I went with athletic tape instead 😛 Eventually I’ll get around to actually weather-proofing it…

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