Homework Assignment: Worst Position for Escapes, & a new Escape

New homework assignment from Kintanon.

Position from which I have the worst escapes: Probably also going with north/south bottom. (Turtled up is also high up there, but I’m getting slightly better about at least flopping towards half-guard. But I’ll save that for round 2 of this assignment.)

New Escape: …I’m terribly unoriginal right now, aren’t I? The spider guard thing Josh described is one of those that I would love to be able to do, but which would “never” work for me. North/south escapes in general “never” work for me because guys clamp their elbows to my ribs better than I can create space. My usual attempts to escape are just me being as wiggly as possible until they decide to transition to something else.

Now if it were nogi, that isn’t as useful. I guess I’ve got the flip over the back, which I never even go for since it’s difficult on body mechanics alone (that is, I have short legs, so I can’t always get all the way to the back) and I’ve never come even remotely close to getting it ever in live rolling. But, the assignment is for something would “never” work.

3 thoughts on “Homework Assignment: Worst Position for Escapes, & a new Escape

    1. *hangs head* One half-hearted… but it was also nogi days, and of course I remembered only the gi stuff. Totally forgot last night.

      Oh, hey, I did drill the baseball bat choke and mount-to-armbar as two of my reps last night when we could do any finish. But they all had to be different, so that was all… … :-/

  1. Try to dig up some extra drilling time at the end of class. Drilling is my new passion after getting totally crushed by a blue belt up at alliance HQ who has only been training 18 months. Is totally worth trading 10 minutes of rolling for 10 minutes of repitition on one of your sequences.

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