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Friday, October 14, 2011

on October 14, 2011

No one with a key was able to be at the 5:30 class, so I left work early (was done anyway) and met Tim at the gym (he was taking his son to football practice); he let me in, and I hung around until other folks got there. While I waited, I swept the mats, and I got them clean! Lemme tell you what, they were purty.

A new guy walked in right before class and asked about training here. I talked to him a bit and had him sign a waiver, since I didn’t know who was coming in and when. Guys started trickling in, but none of the purples. So instead of having the Fundamentals class, those of us there partnered up and rolled. The new guy watched. Justin came in a short while later and talked to the guy. Although the guy didn’t get on the mats, Justin still gave him a solid introduction to jiu-jitsu. Couple more guys wandered in throughout the night. Just rolling.

Rolled with Bobby first for 30-45 minutes, then with Guillaume for 20-30. Started off easy with Bobby, and then couldn’t pick it up except in short bursts with Guillaume. Small bits of working Perfect Tournament Round, though again, not sustaining the intensity. (Wasn’t physically tired; just couldn’t keep my brain focused.)

The sweaty boys messed up my nice mats, though. *le sigh*


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