I felt even worse most of today, but by the time class rolled around, the jiu-jitsu stars had aligned and the sneezing and coughing seemed to clear up. (Started coughing as soon as I got home, though, so not finished yet. Rats.)


Short warmup, then partnered up for 2 & 2. With Steve, and then no one switched with either of us, so we went again. I did work in going to side control to knee-on-belly to baseball bat choke a few times.

Then on to Judo throws. O goshi again, and also mixed in Koshi Guruma. (I’m learnin’!) Worked with Steve. Then review of the loop choke from last night.

Open Mat

Buddy was sitting alone on the far side of the mat, so I pounced on the shiny purple. (He let me start in KoB, so went straight for the baseball bat choke, lol.) Couple other looks at the series throughout. Went at my ramped up intensity level throughout, plus Buddy likes to move around when he rolls, which always helps to keep me moving, too. (Though had to be careful not to just play with him, since when he’s being fun and playful, it’s very tempting to jump in on it, too.)

We rolled until after everyone else had quit the mats. At one point, he zipped away from a triangle attempt, and I asked him if — since he’s the Triangle King himself — he saw triangles coming most easily. He said that he sees everything in terms of triangles, either for attacking or for being attacked.

At one point he said that I’ve gotten a lot better in the last year (whoot!) and that I’m a Pain in the Ass to roll with. Awwww! I think that’s just about the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me! 😀 😀


5 thoughts on “P.I.T.A.

    • Lol, not entirely sure, but possibly because I was blocking things (like one “sure” triangle [he’s the Triangle Man], my outside hand moved in right as he switched and blocked the incoming knee), moving around & with his passing attempts (so they didn’t work), and generally being small & squirrelly & getting those annoying little hooks in everywhere. Possibly because, since I’m working on not just playing along so much, I’m starting to kill things before they start and am making him have to work some.

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