Monday, October 10, 2011

Guess who should have taken one more night off? This girl. Guess who didn’t? Yeah, same girl.

By Thursday of last week, I’d picked up some sort of a cold and so skipped class on Friday and Saturday, and even skipped the home football game Saturday night (which was a nail-biter! Won in the last minute!). Still haven’t quite shaken it by today; I’ve been living on cough drops all day. Ugh.

I did skip the morning class, though found out later that Andrew’s out of town for the rest of the week, so no morning classes the rest of the week.

First of all, a huge squeal and congrats to Buddy, who got his purple belt on Saturday! Stupid cold, making me miss that. Grr. But he was here tonight, so I got to do the squeal and jump and hug anyway.

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

Started with armbars from guard. 10/side, 3 rounds. Worked with Guillaume. Tired after half a set! Rats. Then Tim showed a control/transition around there, if for some reason you can’t get quite through the full armbar to start.


I was feeling pretty good at this point, though tired. Hadn’t been coughing, so I thought I was all right to continue.

Short warmup disabused me of that notion rather quickly, but by then I was too wrapped up in class to think intelligently. *le sigh*

Started with seoi nage (I think — except instead of the back hand coming through under the far armpit, we stepped in, reached around, and grabbed the belt first. So is that something different? I can’t find the variation — though from the judo videos I’ve watched, they don’t seem to change grips often…) O goshi. (Thanks, Andrew!)

I love this this quick judo primer. Makes me giggle every time.

Was paired with the same guy from last week, despite positioning myself on the other side of the mat and immediately turning to someone else. *le sigh* Once he got the movement down, he followed it up with a pile-driving knee. Oh, thanks.

Then drilled a loop choke, with a backup option for if they want to be stubborn. Same partner as before. He tried to tough it out a few times, so Option 2 was used to good effect. He was having trouble with it, though, so Tim worked with him, using me, for quite a while until I was gagging (and had a sizable gi burn on my neck); then he called Steve and Adam over to serve as grappling dummies so I could recover. Unfortunately for me, once I started coughing, my irritated throat took over and kept it up for the rest of class. Rats.

Rolling. I’d decided before class at least to sit out during rolling, but of course I forgot by then. *le sigh* Same partner. Took a hard finger to the eye early on, so settled in to just defending myself for the rest of the round. And then I remembered that I’d meant to sit out. Too late… Started coughing, too, which sucked.

One more roll with Guillaume. Still coughing. No energy, no nothing. (Though there was one fabulous back-take when he overcommitted, though we had to scramble away as another pair came crashing down almost on top of us.)

So none of my rolling tonight; mostly just defense and surviving. Gagging and coughing again afterwards. Gonna live on cough drops for the rest of the night again and see if I can’t get this thing kicked out. Meh.

I’m sure you’ve seen at least some of the backlash to Manto’s tasteless comment and post from the weekend. (If not, see Megan’s blog post here.) While I don’t buy Manto’s explanation that they didn’t know what was going on with the photoshoot (and then didn’t have enough brand control to stop it when they did know? Somebody needs a talking to, if that is even true.), I was irritated that they posted it to their Facebook Wall and made a crude comment about the one picture. (Also, just because someone “doesn’t get” your “joke”, it doesn’t mean they “don’t have a sense of humor.” Sometimes it just means that it wasn’t funny.) Irritated, but I would normally just ignore pictures like that (such as those Internet posters of the two models in bikinis “grappling”) even with the immature comment, except for one more thing, and that’s that the models are doing everything all wrong. That suggests to me that the people who put this ad together don’t take women in grappling seriously. Not just that they thought that women grappling together nearly naked would catch men’s attention sell more stuff, but that women grappling have no idea what they’re doing and are only on the mats to be dumb and get attention. The secondary message seemed to be: “Silly girls, MMA/grappling is for boys.”

5 thoughts on “Monday, October 10, 2011

  1. i think the throw you were doing was “o goshi”, if you’re reaching around the back, but the entry is the same.

    oh man that little judo video is awesome and hilarious.

    I’m bookmarking that. thanks.

    1. O goshi it is: video. Thanks!

      I always imagine that they filmed those clips quickly together, too, so that the uke hardly had time to recover before getting tossed again. 😛

  2. DId you do any tournament specific drilling during the rolling? Did you put in 4-5 reps of the sequence that is your “perfect round” ? If not, then FOR SHAME!!! SHAAAAAAAME!!!!

    1. Yes, for shame. I did at least think about it. 😉 But then decided I was too wiped out to really try anything. I did try to imagine that these were the last rounds in the tournament, so I had to keep going even though I felt like crap. So not a total waste, but nearly.

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