Homework Assignment: The Perfect Tournament Round

My homework assignment from Kintanon was to create a “perfect” tournament round. Good assignment — small, concrete, and still useful.

  1. Clinch: Sleeve & collar control
  2. Takedown:
    1. backwards trip (does this have a name?); land in side control
    2. single leg-wrap takedown (does this have a name? where you wrap your own leg around theirs and then drop straight down for the takedown); land in top half guard; pass to side control
  3. Position: knee-on-belly
  4. Finish:
    1. baseball bat choke
    2. to mount and armbar

4 thoughts on “Homework Assignment: The Perfect Tournament Round

  1. Perfect! Now dig out a few minutes each class session and drill that sequence specifically. When you are rolling in class try to get yourself to places where you can work parts of that path. Get to KoB and work your choke setup and mount transition, etc… as often as possible. Become a black belt at those handful of techniques. That’s really more of a purple belt level quest, but I think you’re close to getting purpled up anyways, and your technique library is extensive enough that you won’t go amiss starting to sharpen your tools.

    1. I hope to compete in a month, too (crap, so soon?!), at USGrappling’s SubOnly in Richmond, so that takes care of the whole game plan deal, too. It also fits in well with my recent concept of going more intensely and purposely fighting to finish.

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