Progress Report, September 2011

September has been both an up and a down month. This post more closely follows my two-year blue report rather than last month’s progress report because in that blue belt report I vowed that I would start going with more intensity while rolling and would try not to play into someone else’s game just to be a nice training partner. I would say that both of those have been more successful than not. There are still times when I forget and fall back in to that old thinking and start adapting myself to my opponent again, but I’m getting better about recognizing that and then starting to change it.

Soon after I started really focusing on rolling my way instead of my partner’s way, one of my training partners told me that the last roll we’d had had been the best roll he’s ever had with me. And another has recently said that, though he really tries not to use muscle on me (and I’ve always been able to tell that he’s trying not to), I’m giving him enough trouble at times that he actually has to use muscle to finish a sweep or pass or whatever. (Never submissions, though; again, I can tell.) Both comments came from blues with plenty of training under their belts and who I like as training partners. So, that’s something.

But I’ve also been reminded several times — and all in very concrete ways — that I still pretty much know nothing. I’ve had rolls with a steady “this is how purple belt should feel,” and in reply I grappled about as well as mashed potatoes. And rolls in which it was fairly obvious that my partner was bored and/or did not even really want to be there.

As far as creating my own game, still haven’t gotten around to that, now that football season has started and has cut in to my weekend time 😛

3 thoughts on “Progress Report, September 2011

  1. Leslie,

    I appreciate that you are humble. However, I suspect as much as you train that you are much better than you let on. (Just a rhetorical observation on my end…)

    My project in setting the pace is working too. Yesterday, I had a purple belt say I was “dominating” and a Brown belt told me I had “good defense.” It’s funny how changing your mindset can elevate your game.

    1. I think I just have the worst vantage point, mostly. I could well be better than I think I am, only because I can’t really see how I’m doing. Hard to tell where you’re at when it only feels like your face is being smashed into the mat all the time. 😛 So I can only guess, and I’d rather lean toward “needs more work” than the other. Having been around martial arts long enough, I know that there’s always another level to learn.

  2. Homework assignment!
    Create a gameplan that consists of the perfect tournament round. Something like this:

    1. Achieve collar and sleeve grip
    2. Tomoe Nage (Sacrifice throw)
    3. Setup baseball bat choke
    4. Finish

    1. Achieve collar and sleeve grip
    2. Pull guard
    3. Setup scissor sweep
    4. Sweep to mount
    5. Setup baseball bat choke
    6. Finish

    Once you have those, you should spend at least 10 minutes of each class drilling one of those sequences at a decently high intensity.

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