Books and Cupcakes

Found this yesterday and couldn’t wait for the month-end book post to share: NPR’s top 100 Sci-Fi/Fantasy books (as nominated by readers) and handy flowchart to figure out your next book.

After sleeping 15 hours (!!), I figured I should get some things done, including running the errand I was planning to today: going to the hippie store for groceries. Got all sorts of things, like Xylitol, almond flour, coconut flour, and cappuccino almond ice cream (that’s ice cream made from almonds, cappuccino flavored. Oh, yum. It was not on the list but is so worth it!).

And then came home and made these mocha cupcakes. And yay, so good! There’s an underlying nut flavor to them, courtesy of the almond flour, and they could have been a little sweeter (I purposely cut back the Xylitol since I wasn’t sure how it would taste; next time, I’ll use the full amount).

Since trying to go paleo/primal, one thing I have missed is baking (since flour and sugar are both out). The discovery of almond and coconut flours has possibly changed that. And comes at a good time, because I’ve been hankering for baked goods with pumpkin and chocolate recently. Oh, yum!


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