Spinning wheels

And winter has decided to stay. I wore 5 layers of pants, 6 layers of shirts, 2 pairs of socks, hat, gloves, and poncho to the game Saturday night. Still not warm enough. (And we lost, which always makes it feel colder.) House was so cold this weekend, so I cooked a lot to try to generate some warmth in the kitchen — and in my tummy. 😉

But I finally gave in and turned on the heat this morning before I left for class.

Did not want to go. So cold! Did not want to leave the couch, where I huddled under a blanket while drinking my coffee. Body is tired. Brain is tired. Seems even taking 1 class off a week might not be enough (yes, I understand how inane that sounds), especially when that night off involves yard work. (At least it’s too cold now for much yard work. The one bright side.)

But dragged myself in anyway. Was both a good and a bad idea. Good, because Andrew made one statement that has perhaps fixed my open guard passing issues. Bad, because the other guy there repeatedly demonstrated that he is not a good training partner, and I was ready to haul off and sock him one before too long. Water breaks were all accompanied by chants of “I will not punch him. I will not punch him.”

Short warmup. Not nearly enough. My quads decided to burn very early on, before they really had done anything. They whined the whole class. *le sigh* Then a roll with the other guy. Andrew said, “Easy roll. Warming up.” This guy jumped out as hard as he could. Of course, because that’s what “easy” means, really it is. So I’m trying to go easy because that’s what we’re supposed to do and I’m still half-asleep and I hurt and I’m cold and I’m tired, but it’s difficult to go easy when this guy is ripping, jerking, and slamming everything (and the worst: bending me back over my knees at funny angles that were all very painful) and now I’m starting to worry about getting injured. Had a moment of Hulk-rage with a hard pass, knee-on-belly, and other reciprocal movement. Of course, that didn’t help terribly much, as he took that to mean that I would play his way, so he started being more persistent and more slammy, and I was too tired to sustain my own momentum. (Other little things, too, that got on my nerves, such as when I paused to pull my belt off and toss it away since it had come loose and was tangling around us and he tried to use those moments when my hands were occupied to choke me.)

Then Andrew had us work on passing open guard, since he’d noticed us both having trouble with it. First, 10-15 times each, with the partner giving openings. Then he pointed out that we were both largely fighting hands against legs, which really translates to hands against whole body; instead, work to get your body in the picture, too. After a few demonstrations of what he meant, we did another round. Partner somehow thought this meant to give near full resistance. Then on his turn, I got kneed in the head and face several times as he went full-bore trying to pass.

Rounds I was on the bottom, I worked on playing open guard with only my legs as much as possible. (Something Nick said last week about Relson schooling everyone with just his legs apparently has been marinating in my brain and brought itself out this morning when I wasn’t coherent enough to think about anything.)

I think it was here that Andrew said that passing open guard isn’t about trying to pass their actual open guard with all the flailing legs and movement; instead, it’s about finding the opening to turn that open guard in to a known — and passable — guard, e.g., getting inside like a just-opened closed guard or smashing down on butterfly guard if they get a hook in. … Oh. Well why didn’t anyone just say so?!

That would, of course, explain why I have a hard time passing open guard. I’ve been doing the wrong thing.

Then switched to working from closed guard. Person on bottom was working chokes, sweeps, submissions, anything, while person on top was supposed to feed them collars and arms and setups. It is hard to think about purposely setting yourself up for attacks when you’re so used to not.. Those rounds went mostly alright.

One more round of rolling. Do not want. Same from him. More knocks to the face. Managed not to hulk-out this time, though I dearly wanted to. I did get some open guard passing work.

Maybe I’m just grouchy because it was cold and early. A strong “dislike” to both. But seriously, morning class is too early to be having to deal with this sort of thing.

More infestations: there’s a stinkbug population that’s been hanging out in our office building all summer. Last week, 4-5 of them showed up in the blinds that hang in the window by my desk. While not my favorite thing, I let them be. Until one afternoon around 3pm, they decided that they wanted to start crawling all over the metal blinds, including heading down towards my desk. The line, you have crossed it. Exterminators are supposed to come sometime soon to see what they can do.


2 thoughts on “Spinning wheels

  1. Gah I hate rolling with hulks. But the bright side– it means you have threatened them. I promise, they don’t do that with the teeny weeny 105-soaking-wet chick who feels as strong and competent as wet kleenex. If you are bringing out the full competitor in your training partner, that means they feel like going any less would result in their loss.

    Now that isn’t the way they SHOULD look at it, but it’s a backhanded compliment of sorts, right?

    Now go be comforted by that as you try to sop up the blood from where they ripped your arm off and took it home.

    And dammit send some chilly weather here please. It’s 80 frickin’ degrees; today’s high 89 😦

    • Heh, I could really do with fewer compliments at 7 a.m. on a Monday morning… 😛

      Although, my arm is still quite attached. No real danger there; just a lot of knocks to the face and non-cooperation overall, and feeling a bit as if he would injure me if it would make me tap. Perhaps that’s what made it more annoying — he was pulling and ripping on things that did nothing, but doing that as hard as he could. Seriously, just calm down and try some jiu-jitsu. *grumble* I’ve only had 1 cup of coffee…

      You can have some cold. It’s 55 here and likely to start raining. We’ve also got plenty of wind. Now if I could just direct it southwest….

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