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A few of my favorite things

on October 1, 2011

Friday night

Nogi Fundamentals

I probably should have written this part last night, as I can’t remember much right now. Brain too scattered.

Warmup, including on the wall. Ended with forward roll, backward roll, and then alligators. (At the end?! Ugh.) Quads fried. Then partnered up to do knee-on-belly transitions. 3 minutes each. Worked with Rob. Three minutes is a long time to do these! Especially after alligators killed my quads. Silly me, though, forgot about doing these nicely — that is, lower towards the hips — and instead was doing them for real, with my knees transitioning on his solar plexus. Oops. Didn’t notice until Andrew pointed it out and suggested that I be nice, especially as Rob still has his round to do. 😛

Drilling was side control to head-and-arm triangle, using, of course, the transition practiced above. Andrew pointed out that, to finish the choke, you don’t want to pull them up with your hand; you want to crush them down with your shoulder. It’s the same movement, really, as a guillotine.

Drilled with Bobby. Then a couple rounds of rolling. Two-minute rounds. With Bobby, Nick, … and then everything is blurry. Lots of people, though.

As I finished the round with Nick (in which he’d let me finish an armbar), he asked how long I’d been training. No time to talk much between rounds, but after class, he mentioned that somewhere he’d trained previously (he’s been training for 10 years!), they had women training — and some, apparently, for a while — but that those women pretty much only trained together in their own class. He did roll with them sometimes but said that they moved slowly, step-by-step through things, and didn’t have much pressure or much grit; I, on the other hand, had been pressuring, fighting out, recognizing, transitioning, and moving the entire time. (Hurray! I’ve been working on that.)

Open Mat

Rolled with Guillaume for a while. (My brain wants to say that I rolled with someone else, too, but I can’t come up with anyone. Hrm.)

Saturday morning

Really small group this morning. Don’t know why, as the football game isn’t until tonight. (And it’s going to be cold. Very, very cold. Winter decided to visit for the weekend. So I will be wearing as many of my clothes as I can. :o)

Ray asked to slow-roll to warmup. We ended up rolling for nearly an hour! Going maybe 50-70% most of the time. (After my recent weeks of actually going hard and forcing my own intensity to go higher, I could really feel the difference in exertion level.) Initially we transitioned instead of attempting submissions, but at some point we seemed to mutually decide that finishing submissions was now acceptable. The intensity increased to a slightly higher level by then, too, but was still low enough. Neither of us actually did finish anything, as the other was also defending harder. But the whole round was nice — lots of movement, lots of me playing with things. Not quite a flow round, especially the last three quarters when submissions were “allowed”, but nearly.

After the round, he thanked me and said he’s been wanting to have a round like that since he started about a year ago, but either he hasn’t known enough to keep moving or he’s rolled with someone who couldn’t or wouldn’t reciprocate.

Then rolled for ~15 minutes with Guillaume. I wanted to go back to the intense rolling I’ve been doing, but after so long going slow with Ray, I had a hard time keeping it up. I think I’d have a spurt of about 10 or 20 seconds at a time, lol, and then fall back in to slow rolling. Oh well. Tired, too, which didn’t help.


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