Kill all the things!

Milky spore is successfully deployed over my entire yard. Spent last night and this morning walking four feet (5 foot-lengths, for me), sliding a teaspoon of powder into the grass, and repeating. And then spraying water on the powder, which probably has my neighbors thinking I’m nuts since the grass is already way too high. (Hopefully it will get cut on Sunday.) I also learned that 1) I have a rather large yard and 2) I can’t walk in a straight line.

I also vacuumed out the garage, removing all the squished spiders that were freaking my brother out and even finding one more large one that tried to scurry away. *shudder*

And I managed to wrench my left (newly-injured) elbow and shoulder something awful during both of the above activities. Had to ice it when I came in.

Yay, fun night off. :/

Morning Class

I’ve skipped both morning classes earlier this week, so decided I ought to drag myself out there today. My joints were not happy about having to move so early, though I ignored them and went anyway. But, hurting and tired, so I told myself I would just play defense today. Also told myself I would stick my hand in my belt to roll. Promptly forgot both of those things. *le sigh* I did at least remember to tap early to attacks on the injured elbow/shoulder.

Short warmup. Bear crawls hate me all over right now. Then partnered up for some rolling. With Brandon, Alvin, and Ray.

Then drilling was a scissor/elevator combo sweep from guard for if they post one leg. Drilled with Trey and Brandon. More rolling. Andrew, Alvin, and Brandon.

Then went home and checked the weather. Supposed to be very cold, windy, and maybe rainy this weekend, so decided to continue working on the yard since this morning was still and not too cold. Got in to work after lunch. Good thing I did that work this morning, as the wind has picked up and the temperature has plummeted.

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