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And I’m off…

on September 27, 2011

…my game, that is. Just before I left for class, I got hit with a massive headache. Seriously?! Figured out later that I was dehydrated, even though I’d been drinking water all day. Dunno why. Ugh, pleh.


Nick the purple belt from West Virginia was in for a second night of training (he mentioned to someone yesterday that he’s trained at Pedro Sauer schools in Youngstown and Niles, OH, before moving to WV). And another guy, Ed, was visiting; blue belt, I think (one of those faded ones that I can never quite tell), and I heard him mention training in Cary, NC, though I don’t know what school or association.

Warmup. Included on-the-wall drills. The headache seemed to fade some by the end of the warmup. Then partnered up for 2 & 2. With Ray and a new guy who doesn’t know a lot and was doing everything really hard. Oh well.

Drilling was the same sweep from yesterday. Later added working the kimura (and switching to straight armlock or americano, if they move their arm around). Worked with Ed, since he was actually close to my size (which was nice! Not often I get that.).

Somehow could not get brain and body synced to roll backwards. Doh. The few times that they did, then my hands were flying around everywhere. *le sigh*

Open Mat

Rolled with Ed for a good while, which was fun as he is small and tricksy and didn’t leave me any space that larger guys have trouble closing up. And he didn’t fall for the things I can usually do, which was an unusual experience. Then when I was tired, I pointed him at Justin, as I figured their styles would make for a fun roll. From what I saw before I left, it certainly looked that way.

My headache came back when I stopped rolling. No fun. So I’ve been chugging water since I got home and feel some better.


2 responses to “And I’m off…

  1. Kintanon says:

    The guy from Cary almost certainly trains/trained at Team ROC there. That’s the only real BJJ school there.

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