The key’s the thing…

Friday night

Will’s key wouldn’t work to open the academy. All the keys are copies of copies (of copies), and so usually everyone has trouble getting them to work. But this time, it just wouldn’t work at all. So we waited about 15 minutes — punctuated with more attempts at the door and with Will and me playing at clinch work — until Justin got there from work and let us in. Only a handful of us, so just rolling. With Will for ~30 minutes. We started standing most time, just like out in the parking lot, though this time we could go to the ground. Continued until I somehow armbarred myself hard after he took he down once; my arm got wrapped and trapped around my own leg.

Saturday morning

Couple of guys visiting from another gym in town. They have fights coming up. I am very amused by this behavior — guys will train most of the year at some other place, but as soon as they have a fight and need some real training & coaching, they come here. *snort* Everyone knows where the good stuff is.

We were late getting in this morning, too, though, because Justin didn’t have his key and Tim was running late. So the guys huddled around Justin’s phone and watched ADCC. Once in the academy, he hooked his phone up to the speakers so we could all hear the stream.

Rolled with one of the visitors first. He’s visited before and I’d rolled with him then, so was okay with it. Although that time, he’d rolled with one of the bigger guys first and gotten a bit tired; this time, he was coming out fresh. And hard. Dude, he came out hard and continued to go hard the whole round. Quick little wrestler with some BJJ who has been training about as long as I have, so I was on defense mostly and dealing with him trying to zip around my guard, catching hooks and trying to keep a knee inside. Feel like I did alright, though did tap to an omoplata-ish that wasn’t any pressure but that I couldn’t escape and, though he’d started going slowly to finish after slamming it in, I didn’t want to chance him getting frustrated and trying to slam it any further. Also a slammed-in RNC that bruised my windpipe. Swallowing is a little uncomfortable now.

Guillaume asked if I was okay afterwards, as he’d seen the guy’s fist connect with my face a few times, too. Yeah, sure. Nothing too new there. Then rolled with Guillaume for a while. I was tired, though, from having to keep up with that kid; had to pause in the middle there for a break. Very lazy round from me.

One funny moment during the ADCC stream: right as I sunk a guillotine, one of the announcers yelled, “Beautiful! That was beautiful!” (I think it was Cobrinha’s second match.)

After class, some of us sat around watching the superfight on Justin’s phone.


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