Ha, he’s got nothing… Doh.

Chiropractor last night. My shoulders are doing much better: I don’t have to tap immediately when someone locks up a kimura grip, and even my right shoulder has some range of motion before hitting the “Do Not Enter” zone. Although, now my wrists and elbows have decided they want in on the limited mobility scene. Meh.

Then went shopping and actually found 3 pairs of jeans that fit. !!!!!!!!! The stars must have been aligned just right. 😛

Morning Class

Friday mornings are the hardest to drag myself up for. Most likely because I stay up too late on Thursdays, even though I don’t ever mean to. (That is one thing about the Kindle that I don’t like over hardcopy — it gives me a percentage of what’s left, but I have no way to guess how much longer that will take me unless I know at what pace I’ve been reading so far. With hardcopy, I can guess based on the thickness of pages left.)

Short warmup, then in to drilling. Triangle details. Worked over a couple at a time. Drilled with Trey.

Then rolling with everyone. Andrew, Trey, and Ray.

While rolling with Andrew, he set up armbar from mount and got to S-mount. And his S-mount suuuuucks because he’s very good at trapping me on my side with all his weight (190-200lbs) concentrated on one or two ribs. And then holding it until I’m dying and willingly fling him my arm so he’ll take it and get off my riblets. He’d already done that once today (and I might have escaped. Can’t remember.). When he got there the second time, he grabbed my near collar and just started flopping it around; no real grips, no real point, it seemed, just pulling it out and flopping it up and down toward my face. My brain finally thought, “What in the world is he doing with that? Ha, he’s got nothing with that col– Armbar. Crap.” He’d waited until I was finally distracted by the useless collar before switching quickly to the armbar. Doh!

When I tapped, he was giggling like a school girl because it had worked. Very sneaky. Very clever. I was laughing, too. But I will be watching for that now (and trying to figure out when to use it myself!).


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