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From cold to SAUNA!

on September 21, 2011

So, it’s been cold outside here recently. And the air conditioning has still been on full blast in the office, so it’s been awfully cold in here, so much so that I’ve been wearing my outside coat inside. Yesterday, the outside temperature finally warmed up. And then sometime yesterday, the heat kicked on inside. The inside temperature went from teeth-chattering to sauna in just a few hours. Thankfully I’d worn layers yesterday (to beat the cold) so I could start peeling things off. (Well, to a point, which actually wasn’t quite enough. Ended up leaving a bit early to escape the heat.)

Walked in this morning and got hit with the same heat wave. I checked the building thermostat, and it still said the A/C was on. Got in the office, and the maintenance staff was there and investigating. I overheard one of them saying that the something-something wasn’t cooling right. Hoping that gets fixed sooner rather than later.

Ugh, I have a headache now from the heat. I did find one A/C vent that still works and am sitting near it right now. 😛

Tuesday night

Short warmup, though each individual movement was long. Then straight to drilling: triangle from guard, then switching to the armbar when they posture. Worked with Will. Drilling for all of class. During Open Mat, there was an odd number, so I just watched for a bit.

Wednesday morning

Short warmup, then some rolling. 2-minute rounds. With Alvin (new military guy), Arkeif, Ray, and Alvin again. Drilling was collar choke from guard, then switching to the armbar if they defend. Somehow my brain and body couldn’t quite figure that one out.

Then more rolling, 2-min rounds. (Andrew said we’ll probably have more rolling in the mornings because some of the guys — Alvin and Arkeif, for two — can’t come in the evenings.) Alvin, Arkeif, Ray, Alvin, Arkeif.


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